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Photo Cafe Diaries : Episode#17 of Photographers' Chat

What happened in Episode#15 of Photographers' Chat held on Sunday May 15th, 2022 at the Photo Cafe Lounge? Find out here!

Discussion about Workshops

After Elfi's workshop at the Photo Cafe, Joanna Kitten had the Landscape Photography workshop in Art Korner Classroom last Saturday and it went very well too! Joanna talked about her personal approach to landscape photography, including a detailed look at how two of her pictures were composed and put together.

To follow, a practical one, led by Michiel, took place in Wonderland 2.0: a photography "Field Trip"! The sim was also hosting an incredible Photo Contest with 10K as first prize for the best creative photo!

For Upcoming and Past Workshops, you can refer to the Art Korner Calendar, where they will be updated always.

Discussion about Editing

Today's discussion was about Editing - whether and how it's important as a part of a photographer's work and which programs are used primarily by various participants in the chat.

The discussion about editing is, perhaps, as old as photography itself. Even in analog times, there have always been photographers who edited and retouched their images by using fine brushes to paint on the negatives. If the original image is not well taken, all the editing in the world can not make it better. Editing is used mainly to retouch or bring the photographer's creative visions to life which is not always possible to do inworld.

Various photographers discussed the software they used for editing - from default laptop editors to GIMP, Pixlr, Photoscape, Nik's Tools and Photoshop.

It was pointed out that some flaws in a photo can be made better and corrected with editing. For example a photograph which is not properly composed, can be fixed with some cropping while light corrections can also be made using the brightness/contrast/exposure sliders.

Even the best photographers need to edit their photos in some way. It was pointed out that changing EEP settings inside the viewer also is a form of editing, which is being done before capturing the image, much like using lens filters in RL for photography.

In conclusion, a photographer should not be shy to edit their work if it is adding something to the image and leading it down a path closer to their original vision or feeling while taking the photo.

The next Photographers' Chat will be held at the Photo Cafe Lounge on Saturday May 28th at 11 am SLT.



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