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Photo Cafe Diaries : Episodes #18 and #19

Check out a brief review of the discussions which happened in the 18th and 19th Episodes of the Photographers' Chats! For the full transcripts, join the ~ Photo Cafe' ~ Photographers ~ group inworld.

As I have been otherwise engaged for the past couple of weeks, I was unable to post about the 18th and 19th episode of the Photographers' Chats at the Photo Cafe Lounge. There was an interesting discussion about black and white photography, in which a number of views were presented about the difference between grayscale and color photography. This was an important discussion, which should not be missed and hence, I decided to cover both the 18th and 19th episodes in this article.


The two workshops - "Field Trip@Lost Beach" with Michiel Bechir and "Using Animations" by Andrew have been postponed already to a date yet to be decided. Apart from this, there are four more workshops upcoming:

  • "Landscape Expression" by Jaminda Moon

  • "Editing by using Nik Collection" by Kika Yongho

  • "Basic Backdrop with prims" (pt. 1 and 2) by Moki Yuitza

  • "Portfolio : Instructions for Use" by onceagain (manoji.yachvili)

Today's Agenda - Black & White Photography

Duraya presented a number of statements to debate upon, which were quotes about black and white photography. Each of them sparked a debate and discussion.

Black and White is in photography more or less what pencils are in painting. They are the fundamentals, just light and shadows. Black & White is perhaps a good way to grow as photographer, and at the same time, have a good shot.

Each of us see colors in a different way; however, light and dark is always seen the same way by us, which makes black and white photography even more important.

It was more or less concluded that Black & White is another tool to accomplish a specific task. If you think of a great black & white photo and then try and imagine it in color you will often conclude that the color would be superfluous, that Black & White perfectly gets across what the photographer wanted to say. Like using a hammer on a nail, sometimes its just the right tool for the job.

Next FUN photo contest: Getting to know each other through art – show your own view of BW photography by creating an image of your choice


The primary discussion in this episode of the Photographers' Chat centered around the photographers' submissions in the Black & White FUN Photo Contest.

Apart from this discussion, a volunteer photograph is being sought based on the theme of summer, which will be shown "In the Spot" - a recurrent seasonal expo at the Photo Cafe Lounge. The Summer photograph will be displayed at the Photo Cafe from July to September.

The season's photographer is also encouraged to post the photo in Photo Cafe' Flickr group: https://www.flickr.com/groups/photocafebeachlounge

Onceagain Art Gallery has issued an OPEN CALL for Black and White photos, so add yours to their FLICKR Group, if you would like to participate in an exhibition based aroyudn this theme at the Onceagain Art Gallery.

This was followed by a discussion about each of the photos submitted around the black and white theme, which we won't go into here because of a lack of the reference images.

Next Photographers' Chat will be on Saturday, the 25th of June, 2022 at 11 am SLT – with a pleasant surprise!!!!!



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