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Picks of the Month : August

Are you an explorer looking for new places? Are you a photographer looking for new opportunities and inspiration? Or are you just someone who wants to have a great time? Well, then this is the right place for you!

Our “Picks of the Month” for August are out! Each month we pick out six outstanding places in SL – scenic sims which are suited to photography and exploration. Some of these places are brand new, while some of them have been around a while.

Rest assured, you will have a great time at each of these places. So take out your camera and go exploring!

Isle of Elar

A place of romance and beauty, Isle of Elar is an idyllic nature preserve where you can visit with animals or cuddle up with someone special. Around every turn you will find something new to discover amongst its many wandering paths. It is a place that beckons photographers to come and enjoy snapping the beauty of nature in their lens. You can choose to explore on foot or rez a horse and wander around.

Mindful Cove

Mindful Cove exists to provide both an entry point into Second Life, and an ongoing community region for newcomers and long-time residents alike, based on the core principle that SL can be an excellent place to engage in activities that support emotional and mental well-being. The region offers incredible opportunities for photographers and explorers to discover new things, nature and peace.

New Orleans City

Experience the southern hospitality in this replica of historic Bourbon St in the storied deep south. The city is inspired by late 20th century New Orleans, Louisiana. This is a place to hang out, party, and meet friends. There are many beautiful areas to rest and enjoy the scenic views offered.


Insipired by the Elven kingdom from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, Rivendell is a place of magic, fantasy and dreams that will appeal to all those who are die-hard fans of the franchise. The Elvish people are nice, quiet, smiling, and full of love and hope. Please accept and enjoy the place as what it is – peaceful and friendly.

Sapphire’s Pearl Dreams

A coastal island town, forgotten and remembered, this region was created as a gift for Sapphire. This is a place that is full of life and yet abandoned. A place between preserved history and growing future. Everyone is welcome here – supernatural, furry, children, and people – can all come and swim in the crystal clear waters!

Twisted Paradise

Twisted Paradise is an eclectic artist’s retreat, a home, and a playground for diverse interests. This region offers an abundance of inspiration, activities, and fun to maximize all this life offers. Let the mists of creativity twist up and around as you wander through the magical locations at Twisted Paradise.

Would you like to suggest a place for inclusion in our Picks of the Month? Click HERE to fill up a short form.

Happy Exploring!

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