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Picks of the Month : January 2022

Are you an explorer looking for new places? Are you a photographer looking for new opportunities and inspiration? Or are you just someone who wants to have a great time? Well, then this is the right place for you!

Our “Picks of the Month” for January 2022 are out! Each month we pick out six outstanding places in SL – scenic sims which are suited to photography and exploration. Some of these places are brand new, while some of them have been around a while.

We apologize that the Picks of the Month, which usually features on the first of every month has been delayed due to Frank contracting Covid-19 (and recovering from it). But, as they say, better late than never!

Rest assured, you will have a great time at each of these places. So take out your camera and go exploring!

The Salt Lakes of Florence

The Pink Salt Lakes in Camargue, France are a sight to behold. The vast expanse of these flatlands is broken only by the occasional tree or a mound of salt that is left behind after the water has evaporated. Formerly known as Florence at Low Tide, the Salt Lakes of Florence will chase away all of your winter cold and introduce you the salty breezes of summer and relaxing ocean vistas that you can enjoy at your leisure. Just wander around, relax, spend time with friends and of course, take pictures!

Buddha Garden

Immersed in lush, wild nature, Buddha Garden is the perfect place for relaxation. Feel your inner energy come alive under the waterfall, among the beautiful trees as you make use of the many places available for meditation here. Here, you can spend some precious moments of serenity, away from all worldly worries and only enjoying the peaceful sounds around you. For the photography buffs, they have an exciting contest you should not miss out on!

The Lost Wonderland

There was an era when arcades ruled the social scene. Paintball, bumper cars, arcade video games were the things everyone enjoyed with their friends and family. The Lost Wonderland takes you back a couple of decades to this period where you could enjoy some paintball with your buddies or engage in a heated round of bumper cars. For the adventure lovers, there’s a complete amusement park right outside the door! The perfect place for a day trip with your gang!

Funday by Cica Ghost

Cica Ghost’s first installation of 2022 has plenty to offer for everyone. Set under a pale blue sky, it is rich with her quirky characters and has a number of animations which visitors can try out. Dance with your friends, walk the tightrope or simply enjoy this joyful build by Cica that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Midtown Ambiance Hideaway

A small town has a delicate charm of its own. Midtown Ambiance Hideaway allows us to immerse ourselves in the heart of a charming little town with cozy stores, some wonderful diners and many, many places for photography. Its a perfect place to explore with your whole gang, or even for a date.

The Wylde

The dense forest is full of magical things. An air of fantasy is present throughout this charming build where one can explore endless forest trails and a stunning grassy meadow. The watchtower and the observatory deserve a visit, while the magical cavern and a hidden grotto are places that need to be found. Throughout the Wylde, you will find comfortable places to sit, relax, chat with friends or cuddle with your partner. Don’t miss out on this incredibly photogenic region!

Would you like to suggest a place for inclusion in our Picks of the Month? Click HERE to fill up a short form.

Happy Exploring!

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