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Picks of the Month - March 2022

March is here and springtime is on the way. We are here, as always, with some beautiful places for you to explore!

Heather (HeatherFalls), our new Picks of the Month editor, has come up with some exciting places for you to explore this month. These places are geared towards photographers and explorers, who are looking for new environments and landscapes to immerse themselves in. Just take your camera out and start exploring. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Otter Lake

Otter Lake is a tranquil location in the midst of nature where you can hang out with your friends, listen to the soulful ambient music playing, or simply walk around and explore the scenic locations. Explore the town, enjoy the falls, have fun near the lake and ride a horse along the trails in this region. Otter Lake is a brilliant place to shoot some wonderful photographs too!

Rosa Scotia

Rosa Scotia is like a journey back in time into a completely different era. The scenic docks, the downtown historic district and a beautiful vineyard together produce an air of Victorian romance. A journey through this place is like taking a trip down history itself while also creating a unique environment for photography. And if you feel like simply relaxing, there's a beach to do just that!

Sous le ciel de Paris

High above the region of Frogmore, on a platform of its own is Sous le ciel de Paris, a build that gives visitors the experience of exploring a rooftop garden in Paris. Enjoy the springtime as the flowers bloom or spend a romantic evening under the Parisian sky. Additionally, you need to simply join the Frogmore group to avail rezzing rights here for photography.

The Forgotten Gardens

Eloise Lionsheart (of Auld Lang Syne fame) has come up with a new region build. The Forgotten Gardens are a spectacular blend of magic, fantasy and nature. As you wander the moonlit paths here, you will come across a number of surprises and unexpected things, which makes Eloise' builds even more special. The landscape takes on a variety of forms, being surreal and magical at times while having touches of humor at points. The environment settings within the region make it nearly impossible for photographs to come out bad, so if you are new to photography, this is the place to start!

DayDream Believer

Daydreaming is something we all have done (and secretly love doing all the time). Staring into blank space, our mind wanders off and gets into a cycle of fervent imagination till it is brought back to reality by something or someone. DayDream Believer is one of the places that encourages you to day dream while also providing the perfect atmosphere to do so. Let your mind wander off and let imagination and creativity take over as you explore this magical place.

Neverending - The Forgotten World

The story of the lost artist continues in the seventh part of the Neverending series. This journey is quiet different than the others. You can follow the hints and the story to discover the new adventure of the lost artist, or simply enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of this place, which is perfect for photography. A magical landscape that will never cease to amaze you.

Want to suggest a destination? Send in a Notecard to Heather Falls (heatherfalls) inworld.

All photographs taken by Heather (HeatherFalls)


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