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Picks of the Month : May

Are you an explorer looking for new places? Are you a photographer looking for new opportunities and inspiration? Or are you just someone who wants to have a great time? Well, then this is the right place for you!

Our “Picks of the Month” for May are out! Each month we pick out six outstanding places in SL – scenic sims which are suited to photography and exploration. Some of these places are brand new, while some of them have been around a while.

Rest assured, you will have a great time at each of these places. So take out your camera and go exploring!


CandleWood is a tranquil retreat featuring a landscape that is a delightful mixture of forests, rocky beaches and huge, surf-able waves. Here you can wander the woods, sit beside a fireplace and reconnect with nature by leaving the stress of daily life behind you. Photographers can find numerous photo opportunities throughout the region.


The springtime landscape of Whimberly is just too spectacular to miss. This is a photographers’ paradise. The beautiful yellow fields provide some irresistible photo opportunities. Having completed 5 years of existence, they also have a running 5th Anniversary Photo Contest which might interest you. For more information about the contest, click HERE

France Pittoresque

The soothing atmosphere of this small island is perfect for chilling out, meditating or just listening to the sounds of nature by taking a break from the daily grind. You can find extracts about the history of France scattered about this island in the form of books which might interest you.

Soul Deep

Enjoy a walk in nature and explore all around the forest, meadows, and beaches at this picturesque region. It is a perfect hangout spot for you and your friends, even perhaps a place for some romantic moments. Soul Deep has some picture perfect locations for photographers as well as some funny, quirky areas which will bring a smile to your face.

La Garde-Aris

In the village of La Garde-Aris will find some wonderful places to stop in the Fisherman’s creek, on the hills near the old Sarrasin ruins, along the sandy beaches, at the very lively market square, and in the beautiful Villa at the end of Rue Bel Aris. Photographers can also join the group to rez poses and accessories.

Midsummer Night at Moochie

Midsummer Night has arrived at Moochie and transformed the landscape completely. Here you can find your favorite spot to cuddle with your lover, visit the market cafe or walk along the many pathways to explore this peaceful region. This is a spectacular location where you will definitely enjoy your time.

Would you like to suggest a place for inclusion in our Picks of the Month? Click HERE to fill up a short form.

Happy Exploring!



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