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Picks of the Month : November 2021

Are you an explorer looking for new places? Are you a photographer looking for new opportunities and inspiration? Or are you just someone who wants to have a great time? Well, then this is the right place for you!

Our “Picks of the Month” for November are out! Each month we pick out six outstanding places in SL – scenic sims which are suited to photography and exploration. Some of these places are brand new, while some of them have been around a while.

Rest assured, you will have a great time at each of these places. So take out your camera and go exploring!


LANA is a land dedicated to peace and tranquility. It is a place where the beauty and magic of nature takes over and offers us an unforgettable experience. From the orange hues of autumn to the blissful white snow of winter, one can experience every possible season here. The region also houses a number of mythical and magical creatures which lend an aura of fantasy to the build. LANA is paradise for photographers and explorers looking to explore a wide variety of landscapes in a single location.

The Island of Gods

The Island of Gods, located on the Bali region, is a place to hang out in a tropical, calming environment that also doubles as a beautiful retreat for couples who wish to enjoy a moment of solace with their partners. Inspired by the beautiful Bali Island in Indonesia, it is the perfect spot for honeymooners and tourists who are looking to enjoy cultural experiences in a cozy and romantic atmosphere, surrounded by the deep blue sea.

Flower of Scotland

Flower of Scotland is an incredible destination which will immediately capture the attention of photographers and explorers alike. The countryside of Scotland is a true beauty to marvel at and it is this that the creators of this incredible region offer their visitors. Listen to the cackling of the seagulls, the bleating of sheep and many other sounds of nature as you explore this region. This is a great spot for a picnic with your friends, with your partner or even just a walk in the midst of nature all by yourself.

Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio is a beautiful Italian themed port created for the public by Albane Claray. Along with a number of photogenic spots along the promenade, it also features boat slips and ocean side rental apartments with dock space. you can come and have some coffee by the water or spend some time staring out into the distance, as you enjoy the sight of a number of yachts bobbing in the water. This is also within sailing distance of the famous Blake Sea.

Lyric – Islands of the Caribbean

The beauty of the tropics is clearly visible at Lyric, a destination inspired by the Caribbean Islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Here the architecture of different eras merges to create a unique landscape which will be surely loved by all. This is a sensual destination, perfect for a number of activities, right from relaxation to hardcore partying.


Sim designer Jim Garand keeps Grauland as an evolving region, which he constantly keeps changing, thus creating a different destination every once in a while. This latest version takes the form of a decrepit urban city that has turned into a wasteland of humanity. In a way, it shows a mirror to many cities across the globe which are getting worse by the day due to urbanization and overcrowding. The feeling of being alone even in a populated city is accentuated by Jim Garand in his incredible build where you can experience this dying version of a city.

Would you like to suggest a place for inclusion in our Picks of the Month? Click HERE to fill up a short form.

Happy Exploring!

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