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“Quimera” by Diconay Boa at the Kondor White Gallery

The latest exhibit by Diconay Boa at the Kondor White Gallery offers a glimpse into a life that would have seemed an unreal illusion before the Covid-19 pandemic brought the world to a stand still.

The year of 2020 has been the most unusual year in almost everyone’s lives. A tiny virus brought mighty superpowers to a standstill. A lockdown meant working from home for most people, barring a few. Offices shut down and bedrooms were converted into work places. Eating out in a restaurant was replaced by deliveries and takeaways. Going to the movies was replaced by Netflix at home.

Thousands fell prey to the virus and lost their lives, thousands emerged victorious from the battle as well. Each one of us suffered during these turbulent times. Some lost loved ones to the virus while others lost their livelihoods due to the economy coming to a grinding halt. The Covid-19 pandemic did not just change things, it has changed the very definition of “normality”. Protective masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, social distancing – things almost unheard of before became commonplace within the course of a year.

A section of the Kondor White Gallery; on the left: Before & After by Diconay Boa

Quimera by Diconay Boa explores this “new normal” that has come about through striking images that all of us can relate with. Each art work is accompanied by a YouTube link to a backing track that beautifully sets the tone for viewing each individual piece.

A staircase leads to the upper floor of the gallery which showcases the more mature imagery

The exhibition comprises of 18 visually striking images by Diconay Boa, all taken within the virtual world. Each work portrays the difficult feelings and emotions experienced by people during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Loneliness, hopelessness, relief, anger, stress – all find their place here.

In Before & After, Diconay uses contrast to bring about a comparison between the previous and the new normal. The image is of a young woman lying partially covered by the shadows, which are symbolic of the darkness of the pandemic. The shadows cover the lower half of her face like the protective mask that has become habitual now.

The upper floor of the gallery showcases the more mature images in the exhibit. Social distancing due to the pandemic has resulted in singles being lonely at home. Millions of jobs were lost during these difficult times and the restrictions on movement and meetings brought about a lot of negative feelings within people.

Sala de Chuto and Out of Orbit by Diconay Boa at the Kondor White Gallery

Sala de Chuto and Out of Orbit showcase beautiful, young women succumbing to the allure of smoking and drugs as an escape while in Social Distanced, Diconay depicts a single woman pleasuring herself due to loneliness under lockdown.

Easy Switch is one of the most remarkable pieces of work on the upper floor of the gallery

One of the most remarkable pieces of work on the upper floor is perhaps Easy Switch. A young woman holds her fingers to the head like a gun pointing at her temple, signifying the suicidal thoughts which were not uncommon during the pandemic. Dico uses the blur, a technique used to emphasize certain objects, effectively to highlight the “gun” which is the at the forefront of this image rather than the woman who has been reduced to the background. The details within this simple image filter through as you keep looking at it. The still-burning cigarette in her mouth, the teardrop streaming down her cheek and the rings upon her fingers all add to the dark nature of the image.

The minimalist design of the gallery keeps the viewer focused on the art

The Kondor White Gallery showcases all these works of art in a simple minimalist fashion. The sparse furniture in the rooms strikes a note during this pandemic where “social distance” has been a consistent theme. It keeps the viewer focused on just the art and nothing else. Rather than a gallery, it would be more appropriate to call this an exploration and an experience. It is a visual journey which will strike a chord somewhere within each of us. You will find images you can relate to. Such images, although dark in nature, give us hope and assure us that we are not alone in this struggle.

Quimera by Diconay Boa at the Kondor White Gallery is open for viewing from February 20th to March 19th. Click HERE to visit this exhibit inworld.

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