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This Exhibition of Grayscale Photography will leave you AMAZED!

Artist Rafael Correia's exhibition at The Eye Arts - "Look Black and White" - depicts a different view of looking at themes of nature, travel and even westerns through the medium of grayscale.

Rafael Correia is an artist whose work in the grayscale has fascinated me ever since I was introduced to it. The light and the shadows dance beautifully together in his well-composed images. His latest exhibition at The Eye Arts is titled "Look Black and White" and comprises of several evocative pieces of SL photography spread out over two levels of the gallery.

"For your happiness, not everything in life needs to be colored, just be in black and white."

This quote greets us as we step into the interiors of this gallery, which has transformed into a black and white universe for this exhibit. Because of the light gray panels and the dark, almost black flooring, a journey through this exhibit becomes an experience for the visitor to enjoy.

In black and white photography, whether the photographer has managed to get the contrast right makes or breaks photographs. Rafael is a master of his craft and uses contrast to great effect to liven up his skies and bring the necessary dramatic flair into his images.

The images on both levels of the gallery deal with different subjects. At the ground level, Rafael explores themes of travel, exploration and nature through his photography. We accompany the traveler through many different lands as he soaks in the unexplored beauty of the mountains, the forests, the mighty sea and idyllic coastal towns.

A set of stairs lead up to the upper level where Rafael's photography deals with a noticeably Western theme. Ranchers, horses, gunfights, horse-drawn carts and steam engines - all the things which characterize the theme have been incorporated in some form or the other within the artist's series of ten images on this level.

Furthermore, famous quotes from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, one of the most iconic westerns ever made can be seen at a few places on the upper level of the gallery. One of the images (perhaps my personal favorite from this collection) depicts a rancher and his horse silhouetted against the backdrop of a train running on the tracks, pulled by a glorious steam engine.

Viewing the world in black and white is certainly a different experience and can put an interesting perspective on some things. Taking away the color in a photograph is a leveling process in many ways and manages to bring subtle emotions to the fore.

"Look Black and White" is a fascinating exhibition of greyscale photography by Rafael Correia and will certainly be enjoyed by everyone.



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