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Rain : A Moving Installation by Terry Gold

Terry Gold’s latest installation leads us on an engaging, touching journey focusing upon memories, loss and their lasting effects on a person’s life years into the future.

Terry Gold likes to use words, pictures and experiences to create a beautiful, heart-touching narrative in her installations. Her previous installation – “Empty Chairs” – dealt with loss and grief. “Rain“, in many ways serves as a logical sequel to it, focusing on how the memories of a loss can affect us even years down the line.

Most of Terry’s installations are very personal in nature and offer us an insight not just into the subject matter at hand but also the artist herself.

Rain” by Terry Gold – Terrygold Art Gallery


I always wait for the rain. That thin, cold, bright… pleasant rain.

I remember that day on the path in the birch forest. The Rain was falling light, cold, illuminated by sunbeams.

A light white mist was rising from the ground, I… motionless to admire.

My memories were born then, among white clouds, white clouds of sheets.

These words get us started on our journey through the artist’s memories, which unfold over the course of the installation. Terry’s words, her incredible images, and the beautiful sets she has constructed throughout the installation path all complement each other to create a very poignant atmosphere which immerses visitors into the installation.

At the landing point, visitors need to tweak their settings to the ones recommended by Terry to get the best experience out of this installation. The most important ones are perhaps using Shared Environment and Advanced Lighting along with getting your Draw Distance slider up to 100 m at least.

Rain” by Terry Gold – Terrygold Art Gallery

After the first set of words and exquisite sets which Terry has created to, a narrow pathway leads us through the birch woods talked about in her writing and leads us to the image of a clock projected on white leaves. The entire installation is one which takes you from room to room, connected by passageways. Terry has made beautiful use of projectors and lighting to provide a suitable atmosphere for the theme.

Time is a very important factor where loss and memories are concerned and it is a constant theme which features throughout this installation in the form of clocks and their faces, much the same way as it stands as our only companion along this journey and can be a boon or a curse depending on how we make use of it.

Time is said to heal wounds; however, it can also make the wounds deeper and the loss feel like more of a burden than it really is if we delve on it for far too long and are unable to let go of the memories. To illustrate her point, Terry uses the example of the loss of her grandmother and paints a vivid picture of how she experienced the loss when she was just child and felt the memories come back to her even years later.

Rain” by Terry Gold – Terrygold Art Gallery

We use our memories as brushes to color our future…

One of Terry’s sentences in the final room of this installation sums it all. No one can escape the passage of time and loss is something everyone feels at some point in their life. Time will serve as your companion, but only if you open your heart and overcome the urge to retreat from the world and go into a shell.

Rain” is an extremely touching, rather poignant installation that might even bring a tear or two to your eyes. By the end of this walk, you will be stunned at the immersive installation terry has created.


  1. Rain by Terry Gold – Terrygold Art Gallery

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