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Rainbow Painters : An Open Platform for All Artists

The Rainbow Painters is a gallery that exhibits the works of all artists, irrespective of their age or experience; join us as we chat with Timo and Patience Dumpling about their vision for the gallery.

You will find very few people in SL as dedicated to the promotion of Art and artists as Timo and Patience Dumpling and in 2016, the Rainbow Painters Gallery was founded out of this same love and passion for the arts.

“The gallery was originally created to be a place for new and emerging artists to display their works”, says Timo. “But as we grew, some established artists also found out about us and wanted to display as well.”

And this model of merging new and emerging artists with well-known established names has worked wonders for them. Patience tells me that many artists, even some popular artists, have had their first ever exhibitions or displays at the Rainbow Painters.

“This happened just last week. An artist had her whole family looking at the computer screen as it was her first ever exhibition. This makes us so proud.”

Timo and Patience Dumpling : The managers and curators of Rainbow Painters Gallery

Timo Dumpling is definitely no stranger to the world of Art in SL. He has been managing and curating art galleries since 2007. His previous venture – the Panorama Art gallery – used to have a visitor spread of 3000 every month. To make the gallery accessible and friendly, he added live music shows along with the exhibitions. But managing a hundred different performers became too tiring and stressful for him and finally he was forced to close it with a heavy heart.

That is when he met Patience. They partnered and he was really looking forward to not having any shows, performers or exhibitions to worry about. He planned to live his life with Patience as a visitor to various galleries.

But their love for art got the better of them and finally, with encouragement from Patience, he established the Rainbow Painters Gallery.

“I found it really difficult to not be involved in the Second Life Art scene. It was really important to me to continue to encourage and promote new artists in SL”, says Timo. “Dilligaf was our first exhibitor here. And we are growing from there. Today we have a display of about 40 artists for about 4 to 6 weeks at a time.”

The Lobby of the Rainbow Painters Gallery is a perfect blend of music, art and entertainment

The Rainbow Painters Gallery is really huge and well-maintained. It will surely capture the fascination of any first-time visitor. The displays are all elegant and stylish. The current works displaying at the gallery all revolve around a central theme of “Music, Dance and Movement“. Right in front of the gallery is a gorgeous venue that is used to host live music shows.

Patience explains, “We don’t charge our artists, nor do we take any commissions. We depend on the generosity of the viewer. The live music shows help us support the costs of running the gallery. It also means more people coming here which effectively leads to more visitors looking at the art.”

The Circus – one of the three venues used to host live shows at Rainbow Painters Gallery

Timo and Patience have three amazing venues that they use to host live shows twice a week – the one outside the gallery, a country-style venue called the Barn and a Circus and Fairground, which can be accessed via a Teleporter.

The Rainbow Painters Gallery also offers some areas to artists where they can create their own mini-exhibitions!

“We have 3 areas in the gallery, which we call “lounges”, that we offer to artists who want to display more of their work”, says Timo. “In these lounges, artists can exhibit their work and create an environment which they feel suits their work best.”

A mini-exhibition created by Ben Barker in one of the lounges

But the journey, for Patience and Timo, has not always been an easy one. Timo thinks the biggest challenge they faced while starting this gallery was probably getting recognition as a venue for art.

“I think Rainbow Painters really took off only a couple of years ago. Before that, we had a hard time breaking into the world of Art. But we have many friends from various galleries who are always happy to help and support us. I think now people have accepted us as a positive addition to the Art world.”

Patience always says and believes that the gallery is merely a building which the artists bring to life. She also says they like to promote the artists who exhibit with them.

“I pass the names of the new artists we bring to Rainbow Painters to other galleries in SL. They have, in the past taken them on for a second exhibition.”

The love and passion Timo and Patience have for their gallery is quite evident when you talk to them. In fact, Patience even has a picture in her RL lounge made by an artist from their gallery!

The name “Rainbow Painters” has nothing to do with the Rainbow movement as some people might think. In fact, it has a really emotional, touching story behind it which nearly brought tears to my eyes. Timo’s RL and SL wife, who was also his business partner in earlier ventures, passed away due to cancer. Before she passed, she told him to look at rainbows carefully in the future as she was going to take up the job of Chief Rainbow Painter and each rainbow would be painted by her for him. The name of the gallery honors her memory.

“I think SL can fill the void that is created in our lives when we lose a loved one”, says Patience. “When Timo became a widower, SL greatly helped him deal with the loss.”

Timo says, “I have heard many amazing stories of how SL has proved to be a source of support for those who are bereaved.”

Timo and Patience tell me they are always open to new ideas and new artists and have never refused an artist before.

“We do not judge the art, that’s the responsibility of the viewing public. We just give our artists a theme and stand aside, giving them free reign to create whatever they want”, says Timo. “All we ask them is not to include any BDSM, bondage or porn in their art; otherwise they are free to do as they please.”

The positivity, openness and passion these two have is reflected in their gallery. A visit to Rainbow Painters will leave you awe-struck and inspired to create art. If you are an artist, you need to get in touch with Timo or Patience right away. They are always happy to have more artists participate in their six-week long exhibitions.

Click HERE to visit the Rainbow Painters Art Gallery & Live Music Venue inworld.

Join their FACEBOOK group to stay updated on latest events.

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