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The Realistic Aviation Art of Bif Mopp

The AmandaT Tamatzui Gallery in Woolybear features an artist who combines two hobbies – aviation and art – to create something truly extraordinary.

Although we have written about AmandaT Tamatzui’s art a few times on our blog before, we have never written exclusively about her personal gallery in the Mainland region of Woolybear. Housed in an elegant two-story building with an open-air rooftop, the gallery contains a number of Amanda’s bright, vibrant paintings which lend color to the otherwise dark walls in the interior.

For the first time, Amanda has invited another artist to exhibit their work using her gallery as a platform. The artist in question is Bif Mopp, an RL artist much like herself who has had his work exhibited by several galleries in the United States and even had one of his paintings on the walls of the Pentagon.

Aviation Art by Bif Mopp – AmandaT Tamatzui Gallery

In his work, Bif combines his love for aviation and art on canvas to convey the magic of flight through his extremely realistic paintings. In fact, such is the realism in his work that if it weren’t for the signature on his works, it would have been practically impossible in some cases to tell at all they are paintings and not photographs. Most of his work focuses on vintage aircraft models, primarily fighters and bombers used extensively in service during the first half of the 20th Century.

While a lot of Bif’s art focuses on airplanes in flight, often high in the sky, a few of them take the nature of landscapes, with parked planes being a part of them. For example, U.S. Mail depicts a biplane aircraft from the Pitcairn Mailwing family getting ready to carry mail for the U.S. Postal Service against a backdrop of warm, yellow fields stretching out into the distance, the view only blocked by a few small hangars.

Aviation Art by Bif Mopp – AmandaT Tamatzui Gallery

It is Bif’s personal contribution to the beauty of flight that compels him to preserve on canvas this long and proud history for the generations to come. In the exhibition, on Bif’s bio giver one can notice an RL photograph of him clad in aviation gear, getting ready for a flight. One of the striking things about Bif’s work is that the realism that is present in his plane models is also reflected in the striking backgrounds he paints for each aircraft.

Bif brings out the colors of the sky, contrails of aircrafts, willowing clouds and sometimes even the vastness of the ocean beautifully in his paintings. He is a member of the American Society of Aviation Artists and has displayed his work in several aviation museums across the country. His work entitled “Glider Over Pike’s Peak” once held prominent position at the Pentagon as a personal favorite in the Office of the Air Force Chief of Staff.

Aviation Art by Bif Mopp – AmandaT Tamatzui Gallery

In the exhibition space, Amanda has placed two model aircrafts and a military jeep, creating an ambiance suited for the art. Bif’s paintings will surely be a pleasure to view for all the aviation buffs and art lovers alike. A visit to the AmandaT Tamatzui Gallery in Woolybear is highly recommended to experience this delightful fusion of aviation and art. With this being only his second ever exhibition, we hope to see his work up on the walls of more galleries in the days to come.


  1. AmandaT Tamatzui Gallery – Woolybear

Opening Party on Saturday, November 20th at 2 pm SLT with music by DJ Jewell. Dress code is 1910-1950 or smart wear.

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