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Regi Yifu's Amazing Installation about Limitations

One of the most fascinating 3D artists in Second Life, Regi Yifu, has created a new installation that is centered on the concept that limitations are self-imposed and is truly a visual spectacle.

If you have previously visited Regi's amazing installations, you will no doubt have seen his creative genius at play as he creates an environment that is stunning to explore and also deeply thought-provoking. His latest build at GlastonBelli is no different.

The title - "Limitations are Self-Imposed" - makes no attempt to hide the subtle messaging and the concept which inspired the installation itself.

As Juliana Buhring once said:

"We can do things that are greater than ourselves. If you believe nothing exists beyond a certain boundary, then you’ll never test the veracity of that belief, and you’ll never discover new possibilities."

Some of the most incredible discoveries and achievements in human history were achieved only by people who stepped outside their comfort zone and thus, managed to do something which seemed impossible.

Regi Yifu has created a maze that uses the entire color spectrum to create a rather stunning effect on the visitors as they land. An arrow points the way into the maze. While you can use traditional techniques to find your way to the center of the maze, you will soon realize that the walls of this maze are phantom, thus allowing you to walk through them easily, thus making the problem of solving the maze easier.

The trees and the flocks of birds flying in the maze add a certain beauty to the installation, incorporating nature and making it much more enjoyable.

You can capture some beautiful photos within this maze, not just of your avatar but of the maze itself, with the position of the camera primarily deciding the tint and color tones present in the photograph.

"Limitations are Self-Imposed" is an enjoyable, exciting and visually stunning build that will leave you amazed by the creativity and skills of Second Life artist Regi Yifu.


Tip: Don't forget to collect the free gifts at the landing point!

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