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Retrospective : The Return of Sina Souza

Artist Sina Souza has started creating once again and is back with a fresh exhibition in Dido’s part of the Nitroglobus Gallery.

Self-reflection is something which often brings perspective back to our lives. It helps us analyze our lives and ponder over our behavior, thoughts, attitude and motivation to determine the essential question of “Why?” behind each of them. And it is while reflecting on her past that Sina Souza found the inspiration for her latest exhibition at the Nitroglobus Gallery.

Retrospective” also marks the return of Sina Souza to SL after being away for the past few years. Art lovers who have missed Sina’s art during her time away will be thrilled to know that she is exhibiting seven new works of art along with a sculpture she has created at Dido’s part of the Nitroglobus Gallery in a special exhibition opening on Friday at 12 pm with the music of DJ hEIN.

Self-Reflection” by Sina Souza

Her latest exhibition is a form of self-reflection where she views her own life through an artistic lens, looking at the struggles of her past and the mistakes she has made in each of her works. Perhaps the essence of this exhibition is well-summarized in one of her works – “Self-reflection“.

We all know that it is necessary to leave our past behind and move ahead in life but it is only when we attempt to break free, that we realize we are shackled to it by a chain much stronger than we had originally imagined. This happens to be an underlying theme in many of the works displayed here. However, as is always the case with Sina’s artwork, each piece is layered and rich in meaning.

Along with the theme of being tied to one’s past, the exhibition also depicts the problems associated with trust. At some point we have all had some bad experiences because someone broke the trust we placed in them; this can very well make a person develop significant trust issues. The person tends to become untrusting and wary of others, retreating into their own shell, even sometimes rejecting help from someone who genuinely cares. Sina depicts this very well in one of her works where she can be seen sitting in a chair, armed with a dagger, ready to stab anyone who dares come near.

The Past Weighs Heavy” by Sina Souza

Through her impressive works of art in this exhibition, Sina looks back at the numerous mistakes she has made and the struggles she endured in her own past. It is a path that takes us between depression, the strokes of fate and the problem of trusting others. But it is not regret which fills Sina’s heart as she looks back at all this. It is hope of taking a step in the right direction ahead. She uses self-reflection as a way to learn from her past mistakes and grow from her experiences to become a better person while moving forward.

I think this exhibition at the Nitroglobus Gallery by Sina Souza has an important message which all of us can perhaps take away. Sometimes we need to look back at our past to move ahead in the future. We need to retrospect.

Click HERE to visit “Retrospective” at the Nitroglobus Gallery inworld. Opening Party with music by DJ hEIN on April 30th at 12 pm SLT!

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