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River’s Easter Egg Hunt in Support of Relay for Life

Find hidden Easter Eggs filled with exciting prizes while simultaneously supporting the fight against cancer with Relay for Life at this delightful trail at The River.

Bunnies and eggs have been the unofficial icons of Easter since the days of yore. The legend of the Easter bunny originated among the German Lutherans and the custom of the hare bringing Easter eggs for children was first mentioned in Georg Franck von Franckenau’s De ovis paschalibus (‘About Easter eggs’) in 1682. This idea of an egg-giving bunny went to the United States in the 18th Century and has spread all over the world today.

One of the biggest attractions Easter brings to the virtual world of Second Life are the numerous Easter egg hunts organized by many regions. This year, The River, which is also one of the most popular rock clubs on the grid, offers visitors a chance to win exciting prizes in an Easter egg hunt while also participating in the fight against cancer with Relay for Life, the flagship event of the American Cancer Society.

The hunt is located on a platform above Stonehaven, the same region which houses the renowned rock club. An Easter egg trail weaves its way through the fantasy-filled surroundings of this region. Lush, green bushes, colorful flowers that gleam in the moonlight and rabbits carrying baskets of egg can be seen throughout the trail.

At the landing point, you will find various resources that the American Cancer Society provides such as Live Chat with trained cancer specialists, information about their Road to Recovery program and the Caregiver Resources Guide, which is a tool for people who are caring for someone with cancer. On the ground, a large sign announces the theme for the 2021 Relay for Life of Second Life – A Cure For A Happy Ending!

Along with these resources, you will also be able to see an official Relay for Life donation kiosk, where you can make an optional donation to help with the fight against cancer. Once you are ready to start on the Easter egg trail, pass through the archway towards the north and start your hunt for the eggs.

Walking past some lollipop trees, you will come to a natural tunnel with beautiful pink bushes lining the pathway. You can also find some butterflies fluttering their wings near the huge garden eggs.

On passing through the tunnel, on the right, you can see a lovely topiary of pink flowers shaped like bunnies carrying an egg basket.

As you walk along the trail, keep on the lookout for Easter eggs, which can sometimes be found in the most unlikely and hidden places. On clicking the egg, it will break open to give you a surprise gift.

Keep walking on the trail and you will come across a bridge. A gentle stream flows underneath this serene bridge. From here you can see a beautiful waterfall towards the left. Boards, flags and signs that give information about the Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society can be found along the entire length of the path.

Some Easter eggs are in plain view along the side of the road and give you easy winnings while others might take some serious searching.

Crossing the bridge lands you at the entrance to another tunnel with bunnies, bushes and eggs lining the sides of the path.

Along with bunnies, egg baskets and deer, one can also find some comfortable benches which are ideally placed to pose for photographs and take home a memory of the hunt.

The trail, after the bench, turns sharply and snakes downhill towards a flower garden where three kids dance merrily in their Easter bunny suits. Atop a hill in the background, we see a fairytale castle with huge letters reading : We Are Relay!

As you continue to walk, don’t ignore the thicket of woods to the right of the pathway. You might find some Easter eggs in there too!

Finally, the trail leads you to a familiar picture that you would have seen when you landed – the magical setting of a piano in the woods with deer playing around and bunnies hopping about. This signifies the end of the trail and you will soon see the donation kiosk as well.

If you forgot to donate before starting the trail, although it is not required at all, I would urge you to contribute towards this fight against cancer. We have all lost someone close to us at some point to this deadly disease which claims millions of lives every year.

The American Cancer Society is a voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer from the face of this earth and has been funding and conducting research to do the same. In this fight, every little bit matters and your small contribution will make a big difference.

Happy Easter to all my readers and celebrate your Easter in Second Life with The River’s Easter egg hunt this year while supporting a great cause!

Click HERE to visit the River’s Easter Egg Hunt inworld.

For more information about the Relay for Life of Second Life, visit their WEBSITE

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