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Runaway Moon : A Journey Full of Fantasy

A new destination full of dreamy landscapes and a magical atmosphere has opened and definitely needs to be on your list this week!

An aura of magic and dreamlike fantasy surrounds us as soon as we land at Runaway Moon. In front of us stretches out a long pathway, disappearing up a hill through a forest that could easily have been straight out of a fairy tale. Behind us, is a small wooden dock, surrounded by shrooms blooming in various colors. In the lake, a few paper boats float in the water, which has taken on a magical appearance too. The colors and beauty of Runaway Moon comes as an extremely pleasant surprise as you land there.

A major part of your journey through this land of fantasy will take you up a hill on a winding path to the top where magical caves, romantic spots and a heavenly destination awaits you. However, make sure you enjoy this journey as much as the destination itself. The forest along the path is littered with things that will leave you awestruck.

Almost as soon as you start climbing up the hill you will come across a unicorn grazing along the side of the track. Along the side, the forest is dotted with dreamy crystals jutting out of the rocks underneath the sheets of fairytale pink grass that cover the forest bottom. Soon, the trail curves right to follow a small stream of water that hurtles down the mountain.

By the time you reach the top of the hill, you will surely spot many more things which give life and a touch of quirkiness to this region. A wagon pulled by a bear, who clutches a lamp in his jaws to light up the way; a tree hollow filled with piles of books and pillows; a swarm of shining butterflies – these are just some of the things you will encounter before reaching the gate to the fortress on top.

The gate of the fortress atop the hill is as grand as the structures and atmosphere within. Flanked on either side by rock sculptures of wolves howling to the moon, it serves as a fitting precursor to what is perhaps one of the most stunning sights you will ever see in Second Life. As you step through the gate and enter the ruins of the fortress you, you will see that they are nothing short of spectacular.

Out in front of us stretches out a field of magical grass. Colors and lights shine out from every possible direction. Wolves, unicorns, even some kitsune (creatures from Japanese mythology) can be spotted all around. The ruins of what was once perhaps a bustling town can be seen all around, looking nothing short of exquisite even today despite the weather having taken its toll on it. Paths made from pastel-colored stone scatter throughout this place, leading us to various places around.

One of the noteworthy places you must not miss out on here is a mysterious cave full of fireflies that burn with a blue light. It is a place where you can just stand for a while to simply enjoy the incredible beauty of this fascinating creation. Bambi’s last build – Missing Melody – was something truly remarkable and with Runaway Moon, she has actually managed to push the envelope even further.

The fantasy and magic embedded in every small detail at Runaway Moon grabs your attention right at the start and never lets it go till the very end. The surroundings are incredibly romantic and one thing I might have enjoyed here was dancing with my partner. However, despite the absence of dance balls, Runaway Moon is a region that needs to be on your go-to list. Bambi (norah.brent) has created an imaginary world filled with the most dreamlike landscapes which will surely be a true gamechanger in the fantasy-filled world of Second Life.

Make sure you visit it for some out-of-this-world snaps and a journey that will leave you spellbound by the end.


  1. Runaway Moon – Runaway



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