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Samaniego Art : An Engaging Display of Realism

Through Samaniego Art, Bijoux Barr has brought a collection of her mother’s and grandmother’s paintings into Second Life with its first exhibition currently on display at United Artists of SL.

Bijoux Barr is a name one often associates with Port Emyniad, her land in Campbell Coast that houses the personal galleries of many artists. Some prominent artists who have their galleries on her region include Michiel Bechir, Eta Mae and Traci Ultsch among others. Through Samaniego Art, Bijoux has brought the art of her mother and grandmother to the virtual world of Second Life (with their permission, of course).

While it is debatable if talent is hereditary, in most cases, a love for art is definitely passed on to the next generation. So is the case with Bijoux’s family, where a love and appreciation for art has endured through the generations. In a time when increasing number of artists and galleries are preferring abstracts over realistic painting, these paintings by Bijoux’s mother and grandmother are a refreshing change.

Samaniego Art – United Artists of SL

The Samaniego Art Main Gallery is located in Bijoux’s region, Port Emyniad; however, its first display outside the home region can be visited at United Artists for SL, one of the friendliest and most welcoming places for artists to display their work.

Most of the works on display here have been painted by Bijoux’s mother except for two beautiful oil paintings on the western wall. These two are noticeably different from the others in their style and have been painted back in the 1960s. I found “Autumn Lake” to be extremely engaging because of the immense attention paid to the smallest details while painting the leaves, the shadows and the ripples created on the water.

Samaniego Art – United Artists of SL

Bijoux’s mother, an incredible realist painter, takes us on a tour of some beautiful places and historical monuments through her art. Most of the places featured in her paintings are from the Philippines, but a few from Jerusalem can also be spotted in the display. Her watercolor paintings of the El Hogar building and San Agustin Church in vibrant colors are extremely captivating and depict these iconic landmarks in a completely different light.

The exhibition layout is also very well-presented, with soothing tones of grey providing a non-distracting backdrop for the bright, vibrant paintings of Samaniego art. The paintings have been displayed in pairs of two (three on the eastern wall) with those of a similar style or on a particular subject being grouped together.

Samaniego Art – United Artists of SL

Samaniego” is Bijoux’s RL mom’s maiden name and thus is a fitting name for this project which will, in the future, also include art by Bijoux and perhaps, her daughter. Bijoux has already created her first watercolor painting, which she has brought to the virtual world and offers as a gift for visitors at this incredible display at United Artists for SL.

While the paintings are not for sale at this display at UASL, prints can be purchased at the Samaniego Art Main Gallery in Port Emyniad. We hope you enjoy this exhibition as much as we did and perhaps, it might also motivate a few more people to bring their family’s work into the virtual world (with their permission, of course) and share it with us.


  1. Samaniego Art Exhibition – United Artists of SL

To purchase prints, please visit Samaniego Art Main Gallery in Port Emyniad.

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