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Second Lives : A Photo-Documentary Book

A new photo-documentary by Lucas Leo Catalano looks at various aspects of living in the virtual world through a series of photographs taken over 12 years.

If given a chance to recreate reality, ourselves and life, what would be import from our first lives and what would we reimagine?

That’s the question photographer Lucas Leo Catalano (inworld Leo Bhalti) seeks to answer in his latest photo-documentary book – Second Lives.

What is the fundamental difference between the physical world and the virtual world. According to Leo, it is that we are not born into our reality in the virtual world. We create it. And that is what makes Second Life great. It is a world where our environment does not shape us, but rather it is we who create the environments around us.

Second Lives – Lucas Leo Catalano

Linden Labs merely provides the platform for us, but it is ultimately the residents who create most of the world we see around us in Second Life. here, we are not limited by physical and technical constraints but only by our own imagination. In such a scenario, how much would a person like to stick to their current reality and how much would they deviate from it?

The photographs displayed and created by Leo have been taken over a course of 12 years in Second Life. They form an interesting study of the residents, the landscapes and the activities which form an integral part of the virtual experience.

Second Lives – Lucas Leo Catalano

Leo’s photographs cover many aspects of Second Life – weddings, families, birthday parties, quirky outfits, sex, parties and much more. In fact, he goes a step further and even features a few things like lag and rezzing issues, which are not really wanted but become a part of the experience.

In a special display at Sinful Retreat, visitors will be able to view his beautiful collection of black and white images which form the core material of his latest photo-documentary book – Second Lives. A free copy of the book can be obtained here for perusal inworld as well.

Click HERE to visit the exhibit at Sinful Retreat

Learn more about Lucas Leo Catalano on his WEBSITE

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