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Seiiki : Three Artists at the Art Street Galleries

Adam Cayden, Ticha Nyx and Nekonuko Nakamori, three incredibly talented artists, occupy the spaces at Art Street Galleries, Seiiki. This is a threefold treat for art lovers!

The Art Street Galleries of Seiiki are located high above the region on a platform of their own and can be accessed either by means of a teleporter from the Seiiki landing point or by an independent landmark. The space here consists of a Main Gallery (which is currently in the process of changing exhibitions) along with a narrow Japanese-Asian themed street leading out in front of it all the way to a forested garden.

In this street, within a Japanese city complex, one can find three smaller galleries, each housing the work of a different artist. While two of these galleries are located at ground level, the other needs to be accessed by means of a teleporter board near one of the lower galleries, which reads – “Click to Upstairs Gallery“.

The exhibits in the Art Street Main Gallery are generally curated by Gianmario Masala, an incredible artist himself, whose exhibition “The Eternal Leave” here last month was a fascinating display of his immense skills. The smaller galleries outside, however, are curated by the owner of the region, Vally (valium.lavender), and currently feature exhibitions by three artists – Adam Cayden, Ticha Nyx and Nekonuko Nakamori.

Handcraft” by Adam Cayden – Art Street Galleries, Seiiki

Hands – they are the portals to our mind and heart. Just by looking at a person’s hands, one can get a sense of the emotions and feelings a person is feeling at the moment. This is the premise Adam Cayden’s bases his exhibit “Handcraft” upon. While it is not a large exhibition and comprises of just seven pieces of art, each piece has been carefully worked upon to reflect different emotions of the subject just through their hands.

In some cases they are the skilled hands of a painter or a tattoo artist at work, while in another, the focus is on the hands of a photographer holding a camera. Hands can also be used to portray intense moods or feelings and in this one of the images, a rough, manly hand pins the gentle arms of a woman to the wall in a rather sensual manner, leaving the rest of it to the viewers’ imagination.

Connection” by Ticha Nyx – Art Street Galleries, Seiiki

Next door to Adam is an exhibit by artist Ticha Nyx, whose works we are not unfamiliar with, having even curated an exhibition at the Portofino Elite Club last month. In her images exhibited here, Ticha has toned down the saturation to create work which is soulful and capable of evoking a wide range of emotions in the viewer.

How do we connect to anyone?” That is the theme Ticha chooses to explore through her exhibition – “Connection“, highlighting various phases or aspects of human relationships. We connect with different people in a different manner. Sometimes, we instantly find that connection with someone while in other cases, we find ourselves constantly rebelling against them.

Even over the course of a single relationship, one goes through several phases – searching, attraction, merging, misunderstanding and separation. Ticha highlights all this beautifully through her poignant images. The reduced saturation levels really enhance the mood of each image and create a beautiful atmosphere within the gallery itself.

Nekonuko Nakamori – Art Street Galleries, Seiiki

The exhibition of Nekonuko Nakamori is located above these two on the upper level of the gallery. While there is a set of stairs in a back alley which does lead up there, the simpler way is to use the teleporter board outside Adam’s exhibit, which reads – “Click to Upstairs Gallery“. It drops you directly upstairs in the gallery space, surrounded by Nekonuko’s beautiful imagery.

Nekonuko uses a square format for her images, something which is not too common in both the physical world and the virtual world. It can be really difficult to get the composition of an image right in a square format as even the smallest mistakes are often enhanced. However, Nekonuko has mastered this art and her explorations of various ValiumSL builds over the past year documented through her images here are a fitting testament to it.

Focusing primarily on the builds of Boulder, Hermosa Tierra, Suaka and even the current build, Seiiki, Nekonuko’s images of exploration and discovery truly reflect what the Second Life experience is all about. While Neko’s avatar occupies only a small part of her image, the narrative is driven forward only through it’s interaction with the surroundings of the build. Depicting the beauty and variety in the various ValiumSL builds over the past year, the images feel absolutely at home here at Seiiki.

None of the artists at the Art Street Galleries, Seiiki sell their works directly here, however if you do enjoy a piece, feel free to always contact the artists about a purchase. A visit to the Art Street Galleries of Seiiki this week will give you the opportunity to explore the work of these three incredible artists who choose to explore completely different themes through their work.


  1. Art Street Galleries – Seiiki

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