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Selen's immersive installation at Love & Love Factory Art Gallery

Check out this new installation by Selen, titled "H", which is nothing short of a visual spectacle and keeps one engaged throughout the journey.

Other than SL photography, there are many media one can explore through Second Life to express themselves creatively. Machinima, 3D art and lighting are just some of them. In her latest installation at the Love & Love Factory Art Gallery, titled "H", artist Selen uses her skillset across different media to create an installation encompassing all of them while also providing visitors with an experience which is visually engaging, dynamic and interactive.

It is necessary to ensure that you have a few settings right before you start exploring this installation:

  • Use Shared Environment (World -> Environment -> Use Shared Environment)

  • Enable Advanced Lighting Model (Preferences -> Graphics -> General)

  • Enable Media Auto-Play (Preferences -> Sound & Media -> Media)

  • Set Shadows to Sun/Moon + Projector (Preferences -> Graphics -> General)

Once you have applied this, you are now ready to follow the arrows and explore the installation which narrates a story - the story of H, someone who loves boxes.

The installation takes us on a journey through one of the typical days in H's life, where we explore four different boxes to discover who H really is and the reason behind their supposed obsession for boxes.

The first box is in the form of a maze which leads us through darkness to find traces and messages of H's so-called civilization, sometimes frightening, sometimes fascinating, sometimes both. This is one installation you need to walk through yourself rather than cam to trigger and activate different parts of it.

The maze eventually leads you to a panel, which says "Cross Me To Follow Your Visit". Here, you may be asked to accept an experience, which will lead you into the next box - the psychedelic box. The center of the box acts as a trampoline, walking on which makes one jump up in the air. To stop, one needs to simply sit in the red chair by one of the corners.

Now, you can cross another panel to head over into the next box, which is full of activities. Here, you can have a seat, float through air or rez a special prim, sitting on which allows you to defy gravity and walk on walls! Moving to the center of the room, you can also immerse yourself in a music video which plays on the sidewalls.

The last box is where H ends their day - a box of soothing bubbles. Meditation bubbles can be seen here throughout and it is through meditation that we finally discover who H really is and why they love boxes so much.

Selen has combined many different media together to create a fascinating installation called "H" at the Love & Love Factory Art Gallery. This is an installation which tells a story, that will keep you engaged throughout your visit.



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