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Shining Streets by Melusina Parkin Opens TODAY!

Melusina Parkin uses some unconventional composition techniques to capture the shining streets of the virtual world within her lens.

It is no secret that Melusina Parkin is one of my favorite photographers in the world of Second Life. Rather than focusing on individual photographs, she develops her images around a theme, so that each of her exhibits is a comprehensive study of a particular subject.

We have featured her work a number of times on this blog and it has always been our intention to invite her for an exhibition at Art Korner. We are glad the day has come when her exhibition at Art Korner, titled “Shining Streets“, is open for public viewing.

While Melusina’s name has often been synonymous with minimalist photography, her expertise extends equally well in other directions. While we were discussing the theme of the exhibition, we talked about photographer Walker Evans and his obsession with capturing signs of all sorts – from billboards to gas station pumps to street graffiti to handmade announcements of a Saturday-night dance.

This fascination is easily understandable: signs and logos have been things that we see everywhere. They represent the symbols of many sides of our life: commerce, common taste, leisure, advertising. Their presence is often overwhelming, and they shape our image of the places where we live.

Since the invention of the neon sign, in the 1910s France, these colored lights aggressively shine on our streets; they try – and succeed – to fascinate us, saying “Come on (and buy!)“.

Places in the virtual world don’t escape from this fascination, so, in this exhibit, Melusina wanted to share Walker Evans’ obsession for neon lights and signs and for the “Shining Streets” they make appear to us.

The result is the current exhibition – Shining Streets – which you will be able to see at Art Korner. The lights of the city and the streets are something we simply glance over but never really actually focus on. It is this effect of a subconscious glance that Melusina has strived to achieve (and succeeded!) through her work in this exhibit.

An official Opening Party for the exhibition will be at 1 pm SLT today with Amberle Janniah performing live, followed by a beautiful jazz set by DJ Riff Gaffer.


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