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The Silent Beauties of Fly Kugin at The Cathedral

Fly Kugin presents her second watercolor series – “Silent Beauties” – in the Cathedral at Angel’s Rest, an impressive installation created by Patch Thibaud.

Angel’s Rest is the sister region of Sinful Retreat, which is home to the Janus Galleries, and is a region well known in the world of art in Second Life. Among the many incredible installations at Angel’s Rest is the Cathedral, an impressive structure designed by Patch Thibaud, one of the most well known names when it comes to creating builds in the virtual world.

Fly Kugin’s “Silent Beauties” at The Cathedral – Angel’s Rest

The Cathedral, being an installation in itself, can also serve wonderfully well as a gallery in Second Life as the backdrop of this impressive building tends to enhance the viewing experience greatly. Currently housed within the walls of this incredible structure is “Silent Beauties” the latest exhibition of watercolors by artist Fly Kugin.

This exhibit is only the second display of Fly’s watercolors in the world of Second Life. While the first series, which was on display at Janus Gallery III a couple of months ago, focused primarily on leaves, in this one, Fly takes up various flowers as the subject of her work.

Silent Beauties” by Fly Kugin – The Cathedral, Angel’s Rest

Consisting of 15 pieces, each sold as a one-of-a-kind piece (no copies), this display is even more impressive because of its current setting. While the Cathedral is made of glass, Djehuti-Anpu (thoth.jansen) has brought the entire structure to life by wiring it perfectly for light and sound. The fusion of Patch’s build, Djehuti’s lights and Fly’s art generates a beautiful ambience that needs to be experienced.

Flowers of various species, colors and sizes can be found in Fly’s work within “Silent Beauties“. Whether it is a simple red rose or a beautiful depiction of Purple Cranesbills together with the leaves on their stems, Fly’s watercolors seamlessly blend together on canvas to create a stunning effect. The watercolors almost appear like “portraits” of these flowers, each depicting a character or shade present within the particular flowers.

The Rose Effect” by Fly Kugin – Part of her watercolor series “Silent Beauties”

One interesting set of paintings, titled “The Rose Effect“, a collection of four watercolors, all showing the same top-down view of a rose and its many petals in different colors, generated by post-processing the original painting.

While all the watercolors in this exhibit are already sold to various buyers (due to them being one-of-a-kind exclusive pieces), the viewing experience is still one all art lovers will enjoy as the beauty of Fly’s watercolors is enhanced by Patch’s incredible build and Djehuti’s lights to create an immersive installation.


  1. The Cathedral – Angel’s Rest

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