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Sim Showcase: 80 Days - Krayentanz

Krayentanz is a charming village from the Middle Ages at the bottom of a hill with a peaceful convent overlooking it, a forest nearby bathed in sunlight with deer calmly grazing in it.

Sim designer Camila Runo, in her 80 Days series, has taken us to some truly amazing locations in her builds. The latest one, Krayentanz takes us back in time to the bright side of the Middle Ages, where one can unwind and relax while listening to natural sounds and the bards' tunes.

Krayentanz is a beautiful village at the foot of snowclad mountaintops. It feels like a quaint little town from Europe, which has been sent back in time, thus gaining some more of the old-world charm. The outfits of the residents and the traditional decorations that can be seen around the town are truly beautiful.

A windmill stands tall as the highest point of the town, being located on a small hillock in the town. The town square, with its vibrant market and a small performance stage, is one of the liveliest places in town. Local women sell fish, fabrics, fruits, vegetables and baked goods in small stalls while a bard plays some tunes to entertain visitors.

Coming outside the village, a path gently meanders up a hill towards the north to lead to the wrought iron gates of an old convent. Illuminated by the dancing fire light of wall torches, this convent is a place of quiet reflection set in heavenly, natural surroundings.

This charming build transports us back to a time that was more pure and where the pace of life was more laid back, thus enabling us to enjoy life's pleasures much more.

Here are some more wonderful images from 80 Days - Krayentanz:

We hope you enjoy exploring 80 Days - Krayentanz, Camila Runo's latest build, as much as we did.



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