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Sim Showcase - *80 Days* O Holy Night

Discover a bustling Christmas market, a magical birch forest, a frozen lake turned into a skating rink and much more at the latest build in the *80 Days* series by Camila Runo.

Sim designer Camila Runo is back with her *80 Days* series, this time taking us into the joys of winter and Christmas with O Holy Night, a winter destination par excellence where snowcapped peaks, Christmas markets, snowy woods and an ice skating rink await you.

The landing point of *80 Days* O Holy Night is roughly at the center of the region at a crossroads. The path southwards is most prominent and ascends up a small hillock. As we start our ascent, slowly we are surrounded by a gentle snowfall. Two life size Nutcracker dolls welcome us into a small wintry town.

At the entrance of the town, Camila has set up a Nativity scene that definitely will not escape your attention. From here, the path leads past a small church towards a curved stone bridge lit by elegant street lights. A quick peek downwards will show that the water body underneath the bridge has frozen completely and has been turned into a sparkling skating rink.

Across the bridge is the bustling Christmas market of the town, which is perhaps the heart of this build. The devil is in the details and Camila has designed the stands at the Christmas market with great thought. here, you can find a stand (Roadkill Cafe) serving steak while Grandma's Stuff is all about Christmas gifts and souvenirs to take home. My personal favorite is, of course, the one serving mulled wine, which is absolutely perfect for a romantic date with your partner.

Usually, I am not a big supporter of using mesh characters within a build but in this case, I must admit that their careful placement and the limited usage does enhance the liveliness of the market itself.

From the landing point, if you had chosen to instead go northwards, you would be going towards the more romantic parts of the region. Here, the paths immediately diverge. One of them proceeds in a westerly direction, crossing a bridge and winding its way through the snowy forest to finally reach a cozy wooden cabin. surrounded by a beech forest. The well-furnished cabin is perfect for some alone time with your partner or date.

Proceeding eastwards from the landing point will take you past a hot cocoa station and towards the birch forest and the skating rink, which is actually a frozen lake. The skating rink can also double as a dance floor for couples as there are dance balls found at several places. An igloo as well as a small campsite can be found on the edge of the forest near the skating rink.

The birch forest itself is a really beautiful place with light rays streaming in, giving it a touch of magic. There are rustic paths found throughout the forest and a romantic walk here is highly recommended.

This is a region abound with photo opportunities. With the northern lights lighting up the sky, you should be able to create some amazing landscape photographs. Photographers, explorers, couples and those who are looking for some solace will really enjoy this place. There are plenty of spots throughout the region for hanging out with your friends or for some private time with your partner.

With *80 Days* O Holy Night, Camila has created another spectacular build - one that will be missed long after it goes away but hopefully, will be captured enough through photographs.



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