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Sim Showcase : Amore Italiano

A beautiful Italian-themed countryside destination made with immense love and care, and which will serve as the perfect backdrop for your next date, proposal or even a wedding!

Amore Italiano, translating loosely to “Italian Love” in English, is a region based on any one of the romantic Italian countryside towns, thus presenting you with the perfect opportunity for a date with your loved one. The landing point of the regions is at its impressive town square with many of the important buildings in the region surrounding it, which forms the heart of this town. From here, a number of different paths lead us into the countryside, across the river and up into the hills to explore the immense beauty of this region.

The Town Square – Amore Italiano

A beautiful fountain occupies the center of the large square as a majestic church building towering over it. The interiors of the church are a sight to behold and also available to host wedding ceremonies.

Riverside – Amore Italiano

Amore Italiano is a region with a wide variety of landscapes. One of the many beautiful places to explore here is the quaint riverside walk, which can be reached by going southwards from the town square. An outdoor cafeteria and a carousel here set the scene for a perfect coffee date.

Scenic views – Amore Italiano

Going north from the square and past the local town pub, a path leads past the office building and a sprawling villa into the lush green countryside. A small bridge crosses a burbling stream to reach the spa – a place dedicated to relaxation of the body and mind. For the adventurous hikers, another path shoots off up the hill just before the spa and lead to some wonderful places offering scenic views of the region.

Wedding Reception Area – Amore Italiano

How does a grand Italian-style wedding sound? Incredible, right!? You can have it right here at Amore Italiano. While the church is perfect for a beautiful ceremony, a short walk westwards from the square down a grand staircase leads to the gorgeous wedding reception area with sweeping views of the sea – truly one of the most romantic places for your wedding party.

A beautiful fountain in the midst of nature – Amore Italiano

One of the most fun ways to explore this region is perhaps the Pantie Hunt, which is active over here till February 11th. Each pair of panties your find contains the love story of an SL couple (perhaps you may recognize some of the couples?), along with clues which will point you towards the next destination. If you are able to find all ten pairs, you will be entered into a grand prize raffle which will be drawn at the Charity Date Auction, also being conducted here on February 11th.

Amore Italiano beautifully captures the essence and romance of the Italian countryside town and serves as the perfect backdrop for a date, a proposal or even a grand wedding! There is plenty to explore for avid explorers and many, many secret spots which are waiting to be found. An abundance of photo opportunities, a playful, fun hunt for charity and absolutely beautiful, mesmerizing scenes make a visit to Amore Italiano must on your radar this week.


  1. Amore Italiano – Enchanted Isles



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