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Sim Showcase : Before Dawn by Quark Fallen

Visit an abandoned outpost in the midst of a barren, minimalist landscape, covered with snow in Quark Fallen’s incredible build.

Before Dawn, the latest build by Quark Fallen, is a minimalist landscape of white snow stretching into the distance. There is something about this landscape that is peaceful as well as slightly disturbing and it is this blend of contradictory emotions it is able generate within us that enhances our viewing experience.

Before Dawn” by Quark Fallen

At the center of the build is an outpost (perhaps a weather monitoring station?) all alone in the barren white landscape of the Arctic. Thick snowfall has covered its roof and the surroundings, even partially burying a large old military antenna next to it.

Before Dawn” by Quark Fallen

The interiors of this outpost, although rustic, offer an extremely cozy respite from the icy cold landscape outside its walls. A broken chair, an old telescope, some radios, some old suitcases and a globe are among some of the things that can be found in here.

Before Dawn” by Quark Fallen

A few white stags can be seen wandering this land. Apart from them, a couple of swans swimming in a small pond and a large flock of birds off the coast are the only signs of life in this place.

Before Dawn” by Quark Fallen

An old wooden boat bobs in the small pond, found at the center of this island. The pond is actually connected to the water body surrounding the island below a mass of frozen ice that forms a huge natural bridge.

The sim surround landscape used in this build is also extremely realistic and well done. It works really well in combination with the surroundings used in the landscape.

Before Dawn is a minimalist landscape, depicting the emptiness and harsh cold of the Arctic region. There are also hints found in the landscape, which point to the rise in rate of ice melting in these regions.

Quark Fallen has created a spectacular build which stands as a testament to the often-quoted principle – “Less is More“.


  1. Before Dawn – Before Dawn



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