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Sim Showcase : City Beach at Ambiance Hideaway

Sidewalk cafes, a picturesque pier, watersports and many more elements that go hand-in-hand with a beach in the city form a part of this incredible build by Yoyo Collas.

Ambiance Hideaway, a region owned by Yoyo Collas, is dynamic in its nature, changing its landscape every month to give visitors a completely new experience each time. In its latest iteration, the region takes on the form of a beach in the city and its neighborhood, offering us some incredible opportunities for photography and exploration.

A beach in the city is very different from one located miles away from it and the main difference is the amount of activity which takes place around it. While a beach away from the city is used mainly for relaxation, getaways and vacations, beaches in the city tend to become hubs of activity in the summer.

A street near the beach – City Beach at Ambiance Hideaway

Watersports, cafes, bars, cinemas, bakeries – the whole area is just teeming with life; and Yoyo Collas has captured it all perfectly in his latest build. While the main beach in the city is located towards the northern part of the build, the streets around the beach have also been included in this immaculately designed region because of them being a part of the beachside ecosystem as a whole.

The center of the build is dominated by a large square with a short lane extending south from here, while the entrance to the beach, boldly marked by a sign saying “Welcome to Sun Beach” is just a short walk to the north. Some interesting spots can be found around this square such as the library, a bakery selling delicious bagels as well as a small gallery displaying a slideshow of pictures taken at Ambiance Hideaway.

Perfect place for a coffee date – City Beach at Ambiance Hideaway

There are multiple places in this build where one can enjoy a beautiful date over some delicious food. A coffee and muffins at Cafe Espresso by the southern waterfront, some lasagna at Baba’s Cafe or a simple ice cream at the truck parked near the beach entrance.

The main street in this build runs from east to west in a straight line, starting at the pier and ending far west, where a small break in the fencing allows us to enter a relatively quiet stretch of the beach. A tram line runs along the length of the street and the yellow tram coach just adds to the charm of this cityscape.

The pier – City Beach at Ambiance Hideaway

The pier at the eastern end of the street extends out into the sea, making it the perfect place to enjoy some alone time in the chaos of the city. Here, one can enjoy a steaming hot cup of coffee, some fishing or just a good chat with friends. On the way to the pier, a vintage theater can be seen on the left side, which creates a really wonderful vibe.

On the beach itself, the cool blue water extends as far as the eye can see. At regular intervals, loungers are available to simply relax and enjoy the sound of waves crashing against the soft sand. Here, one can ride cigar yachts across the water, a bike along a dirt track or just free float along with the tide on one of the pool floats.

The beach – City Beach at Ambiance Hideaway

We have been big fans of Yoyo Collas’ creativity and his latest build of a city beach and tis surrounds is one you definitely must visit for clicking some wonderful photographs, enjoying a beautiful date or simply relaxing on your own.


  1. City Beach – Ambiance Hideaway



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