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Sim Showcase - Coloured Images by Cica Ghost

This amazing new build by artist Cica Ghost in Second Life makes for a fun visit to take some photographs in a unique setting or simply to have a good time with your friends or partner.

Artist Cica Ghost always surprises us with each new build she creates. Each of these builds includes some new characters, with their eyes flitting about here and there. In addition to this, some of her past characters are revamped and brought back in a new form to suit the atmosphere of the new build.

"Coloured Images" is Cica's latest build and is very different from her previous builds in its structure while retaining the same playful vibe. A large portion of the build is done in 2D and thus creates the effect of walking through a place made of large paper cutouts.

While exploring Cica's build, it is very important to get a few settings right. Using the SHARED ENVIRONMENT is vital as it can completely change the experience of your visit. Apart from that, it is also necessary to enable ADVANCED LIGHTING MODEL and set SHADOWS to Sun/Moon + Projector.

One of Cica's previous builds - "Drawn Town" - used a similar concept but that one used pencil drawings as the basis. "Coloured Images" uses colors to bring this world to life, primarily four of them - red, blue, green and yellow. Pretty much everything in this build uses one of these colors and in places, the occasional black and white to separate them.

The childlike simplicity of Cica's work in "Coloured Images" is what makes this build fascinating. The drawings which she has used here will bring a smile to the face of anyone who explores her latest creation.

As always, there are some funny animations and dances to enjoy as you explore this destination and take in all the nooks and crevices where Cica's wonders lay hidden in the form of simple things such as a flower whose petals are spinning like a pinwheel.

We hope you visit and enjoy Cica Ghost's interactive, extremely engaging build - "Coloured Images" - as much as we did!



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