• Frank Atisso

Sim Showcase - GlitterBush

Explore this gorgeous Northwest coastal island region nestled amongst snowcapped mountains and be one with nature.

The countryside and the natural greenery of the forests and mountains is not something which is easily accessible to those of us living in cities, surrounded by concrete structures that hug the sky. Exploring regions such as GlitterBush in Second Life allows us to feel and listen to nature and the ambient sounds it gives off naturally to some extent.

Designed by , GlitterBush is not just a place of immense natural beauty, it also can serve as a great place to hang out with your friends, or even better, make new ones.

There are places to relax, cuddle, hang out or take pictures all around. Lush green fields, forested woodlands and the rustic countryside with a backdrop of snowcapped mountains - GlitterBush is a photographer's dream.

Here are some more pictures of this breathtaking location:

We hope you have a great time exploring the wonders of GlitterBush!



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