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  • Frank Atisso

Sim Showcase - Golden Hair

This is a region which celebrates all the natural beauty in this world, combining the ocean, the forests and some beautiful creatures to create a place rich in diverse but equally tranquil landscapes.

Golden Hair is a small island landscaped beautifully to embrace nature and all the many wonders it offers. Gentle creatures grazing and wandering within the lush green woods, serene beaches which offer blissful solitude and dirt pathways that snake through the foliage - all make this a destination you should add to your list.

More Information about Golden Hair

  • Region Name: Mordor (General)

  • Region Type: Full Homestead Region

  • Sim Designer: BruiserBest

  • Rezzing Rights: FREE with land group - Golden Hair (Paste following code to local chat: secondlife:///app/group/649a161d-6a1f-8a0e-08d4-9963261af2b2/about)

  • Flickr Group: You can share your images taken here to the Golden Hair FLICKR group

Some More Photographs

We hope you enjoy your journey through this extremely beautiful region and take lots of photographs to capture your memories!



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