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Sim Showcase : La Plage Perdue

The latest build by ValiumSL, created by the master of sim design, Terry Fotherington, is that of a small island full of beautiful beaches and an abandoned house, which adds a hint of mystery.

When it comes to designing sims, Terry Fotherington is no less than an artist. The sheer amount of ideas in his head and the wide variety one can notice in his region designs is simply remarkable. Thus, it comes as no surprise that he is one of the designers Vally Lavender, owner of ValiumSL, uses in many of her photogenic builds.

After the regions of Suaka and Seiiki, which were loved by all, Terry has come up with another build for ValiumSL. Titled "La Plage Perdue", which translates to Lost Beach in English, this is a build with a small story behind it, which Vally has published on her blog.

The story goes:

"In 1852 a French family occupied this small island, hoping to live a happy life by the sea. Why they chose to abandon it, remains a mystery. Come see what they left behind, for clues about why they vanished into thin air."

The build, by itself, is of a small island with numerous beaches, both rocky and sandy, on each side. The center of the island is occupied by a short hill on which rests an old, abandoned house, which is perhaps the source of the entire mystery.

On the beach, one can find armchairs to rest and simply enjoy the view of the sea and the sound of the crashing waves. Alternatively, couples can choose to snuggle up in any number of cuddle spots which dot the entire region.

The old, abandoned house at the top of the hill, which forms the centerpiece of this build, has an aura of mystery and intrigue around it. This aura is further strengthened by the ruins of a deserted ship found in one part of the beach.

Whether you are a photographer, an explorer or simply someone who wants a bit of solitude, La Plage Perdue is the perfect place to be. And if you want to rez some pose balls or a pose stand, consider joining the ValiumSL group for a small fee of L$495, which will grant you rezzing rights on not just this build but all ValiumSL builds which will come up in the future too.

For this particular region, Vally has come up with a small photo contest which all photographers can participate in! Read more about it HERE



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