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Sim Showcase - Pumpkins and Things by Cica Ghost

Explore pumpkin houses, spooky trees strewn with cobwebs and a number of monsters straight from the creative mind of artist Cica Ghost.

For the month of October, 3D artist Cica Ghost is back with a fascinating new build, themed around the obvious mood of the season - Halloween. As is common with all of Cica's installations, residents are advised to use Shared Environment and enable Advanced Lighting Model for the best experience. Setting Shadows to Sun/Moon + Projector will further enhance your experience.

Orange and black are the two colors dominating in Pumpkins and Things. Pumpkins have become a Halloween mascot of sorts all over the world, becoming almost synonymous with the celebration itself. A dark orange hue all over the build creates the perfect atmosphere to experience Pumpkins and Things.

While this build may be themed around Halloween, it is not spooky by any means. In fact the characters Cica has created seem straight out of a children's cartoon, bringing down the spookiness created by the atmosphere and incorporating humor within.

The trees are strewn with cobwebs, the bats are out and about occupying the skies while a number of different monsters and magical creatures walk this land created by Cica Ghost. Spirit deer can be found deep in the woods, fearsome spiders flit their eyes about and huge pumpkins have been carved and made into small houses, one of which is Cica's shop, where one can buy all the characters seen here.

Cica Ghost's build is a dream landscape for photographers to play with. Here are some pictures from Cica's build which will leave you amazed:

Make sure you go visit Cica's amazing build and take many, many incredible photographs back with you!



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