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Sim Showcase - Raion No Su

Explore the forested trails, sandy beaches, and lavender fields at Raion No Su - an Asian-themed photogenic destination with a number of magical creatures.

A natural paradise lies hidden, covering half of the region of Silent River, which also houses the Knicks Knacks Main Store. From the landing point, a small path made out of wooden planks leads westwards across the gently rocking water of the sea to Raion No Su - one of the most scenic, tranquil and peaceful regions you will come across.

The distinctly oriental gates of Raion No Su welcome you to this fantasy-filled, magical land blooming with flowers and abound with the beauty of nature. Stone sculptures of cats welcome us as we climb a rocky stairway up a short hill which has many more of these cute little feline beings in all shapes and forms.

Right from the onset, Raion No Su is consistent with its distinctly oriental theme and the amazing view from atop the hill of the paradise beyond is sure to leave you spellbound. Lavender fields cover the base of the hill, from where a small, curved bridge crosses a burbling stream with floating lanterns to reach the fields on the other side.

Many mystical, magical creatures straight out of a fairy tale can be seen in the valley below. In fact all kinds of creatures, mythical and real, small and large, can be found co existing in Raion No Su peacefully. Throughout the build you will see everything from mighty dragons to tiny kittens, each of them adding their own unique flavor to the build.

The beauty of Raion No Su is in adding things in unexpected places, the absurdity adding to the surreal nature of this build. A greenhouse containing more books than plants and a piano on a sandy beach by the sea are just two examples of the sheer creativity displayed by the sim designer - Raion Val (zalindah).

There are some lovely spots to snuggle up with your partner or date throughout the build and photographers can really just go crazy , experimenting with different EEP settings to cast the build in a different mood each time.

The forested paths that lie on the hill beyond the fields are a delight to explore and a careful exploration will reveal some hidden wonders. The paths also split up, one leading to a nest of dragons while another taking you to a beautiful, sandy beach with the sound of crashing waves.

Raion No Su is a delightful place to explore no matter what is your purpose. Whether you are hanging out with friends, on a date with your lover or just need some quiet time by yourself, this is a place that you can definitely try out.


Tip: From the landing point near the Knicks Knacks Main Store, head westwards under a small, stone archway and follow the wooden path to reach Raion No Su


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