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Sim Showcase - A Symbiotic Love Affair

Four outstanding artists - Adwehe, Deborakaz, Serra Qendra and Suzanne Graves - have collaborated together to create an immersive region-wide build using the entire range of possibilities that Second Life offers.

Currently, SLEA Region 8 hosts an outstanding build titled "A Symbiotic Love Affair" - a collaborative effort between four different artists Adwehe, Deborakaz, Serra Qendra and Suzanne Graves. All four of these artists have their own individual skillsets and each of their exhibits and installations have left a prominent mark on the art world in Second Life. However, when they merge together, the result is nothing short of magical.

Set under a changing sky that transitions smoothly from one EEP setting to another, much of the layout of "A Symbiotic Love Affair" is designed by Adwehe while always being in conversation with the other artists involved. Adwehe is a magician when it comes to the use of lights and projectors. Her abstract style, the brilliant usage of contrasting colors and the creative layout used by her makes for a really engaging visit.

Some outstanding sculptures by Deborakaz, Serra Qendra and Suzanne Graves can be found within this installation along with Adwehe's own work.

The installation covers a full region at SLEA and is set both on the ground as well as on multiple levels in the sky, which can be accessed successively by means of a Teleporter. Alternatively, a board with teleports to the various locations in the build can also be found at the landing point.

To get the best viewing experience, visitors need to make sure they have the following settings right:

  • Use Shared Environment

  • Enable Advanced Lighting Model

  • Set Shadows -> Sun/Moon + Projectors

Adwehe, Deborakaz, Serra and Suzanne have utilized the full possibilities Second Life has to offer to create an immersive experience for visitors at SLEA Region 8. This is easily one of the best art installations I have come across in a while.

Here are some amazing pictures which showcase the incredible creativity on display at "A Symbiotic Love Affair":

Visit this incredible destination at SLEA Region 8 and make sure you take many amazing pictures within this surreal, abstract environment!



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