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Sim Showcase : Winter Wonderland at Inspire Space Park

Experience winter in the furthest reaches of outer space surrounded by sparkling galaxies, floating asteroids and a billion twinkling stars at Inspire Space Park.

Space, galaxies and the universe has always been a source of mystery to us humans, and probably will remain so, at least in the near future. Are we alone? Where does the universe end? Or is it unending? How did it all begin? We have not been able to give satisfactory answers to any of these questions so far and this is the reason why this unexplored zone acts as a source of mystery, intrigue and fascination for us.

In their latest build, Inspire Space Park takes its underlying theme of space and blends it with the current season to create a Winter Wonderland that is unlike anything you will have ever seen.

How would winter be in outer space? Here is the answer! – Winter Wonderland at Inspire Space Park

Ever wondered how would winter feel like in outer space, surrounded by a billion twinkling stars? The answer lies here at Winter Wonderland. The entire build is located on a group of floating islands which have been bunched together to create a single impressive structure. There is a sense of magic and fantasy all around the build. Asteroids can be seen floating, rotating, revolving and moving around the build in a seemingly random manner.

One thing we absolutely stress on enabling here is Advanced Lighting. The beauty of the build comes from its colors, especially the cool blue that bathes the place in a serene glow.

A gazebo perfect for a dance – Winter Wonderland at Inspire Space Park

Near the landing point is a large gazebo perfect for dancing with your partner. A romantic dance here is an unforgettable experience. So now you know where you need to go for the next date!

A photo opportunity! – Winter Wonderland at Inspire Space Park

Some really nice photo sets here offer the perfect opportunity to get that Christmas or New Year picture with your partner or group.

Brrr… it’s cold outside! – Winter Wonderland at Inspire Space Park

The entire landscape is covered with snow; however a small round cabin also offers the opportunity to cozy up with your partner and enjoy a hot chocolate in the relative warmth of its interiors.

The western end of the build is relatively more open and the most interesting bit here is the bridge of asteroids that takes us to another floating island in the sky. Some wonderful gifts can be found here, so don’t miss out on them. This is also the informational part of the build and contains more information about Inspire Space Park and also allows you to access other builds in the region.

Winter Wonderland at Inspire Space Park is a unique build that offers you a chance to celebrate the beauty of the season at a place you will never be able to in the physical world – outer space. Being surrounded by the lights of galaxies and the floating asteroids in this incredible romantic atmosphere makes your winter even more special.


  1. Winter Wonderland – Inspire Space Park

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