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Sim Showcase : Wonderland 2.0

This fascinating build takes you on a journey through the various shades of fantasy, discovering new lands while being surrounded by mesmerizing colors until you truly become "Lost in Wonderland".

Fantasy is perhaps the very essence of the virtual world. The whole concept of having a life beyond the one which has been given to us in the physical world, was born out of a desire to be able to observe and experience things one possibly can’t in real life. We are all here to enjoy and live out our fantasies.

One fantasy-filled, magical tale, which is popular world over, is the tale of Alice in Wonderland. It recounts the story of Alice, a nineteen year old who ventures into the magical kingdom of Wonderland by climbing through a rabbit hole. The rest of the tale follows her attempts to restore the White Queen to the throne with the help of the Mad Hatter.

Wonderland 2.0, the brain child of Lucifer (samael.morningstar) and Violette (violette.rembrandt), is a bigger, much more intricately designed version of their previous build – Wonderland. While Wonderland covered an area equivalent of a half sim, Wonderland 2.0 spans a complete region and has a structure unlike any you would have seen before.

The landing point is inside a small cabin with a steampunk, Victorian feel with some quirks, such as a snake writhing in and out of the walls. Being Wonderland, of course there needs to be a rabbit hole and right outside the cabin, one can find a rabbit hole which just silently beckons you to step into it. Stepping into the darkness, we are soon free falling through vibrant colors, finally landing inside another room with a bottle on the table that says “Drink Me“.

Drinking the potion drops you into a larger version of the same room, thus creating the effect that the potion made you smaller – small enough to walk through the little door at the far end of the room. This door finally drops us into Wonderland 2.0’s incredible blend of colors, fantasy and magic, that is surely going to keep you going back for weeks.

Wonderland 2.0 is like a seemingly never-ending maze with surprises waiting around the corner, new areas to discover and portals to walk through. For a first-timer, the experience can definitely be overwhelming. Wonderland 2.0 is spread out over a full region, which is supplemented by several areas in the sky which can be reached through a number of teleporters and portals embedded within the region build.

The modes of teleporting within Wonderland 2.0 are many. There are doors, which usually take you from one point to another on the same level, while the little colored arrows take you between different levels. The Tardis, which can be found in several spots, gives you a choice between multiple destinations on the region. Taking random teleporters and portals and thus discovering the many areas of Wonderland 2.0 is a fun way to explore this build.

The many areas of this spectacular build on the ground level seamlessly merge into each other to give visitors a beautiful experience so that the transition is never too abrupt. Within the realm of fantasy itself, Wonderland 2.0 explores many subgenres in its various areas. The Unicorn Garden, Paperland or the Land of Mushrooms are all quite cheerful and magical in their atmosphere and landscaping while the Chessboard or the Pirate Ship takes a more surreal turn.

There is even a huge circular maze at ground level that you will find yourself lost in. While exploring, don’t be surprised if you find a gate to hell, the mythical Kraken or even a sex dungeon! As you continue wandering and teleporting through Wonderland 2.0, be prepared to discover new levels and whole areas you never saw before.

There are many nooks and crannies which will reveal hidden wonders in this spectacular region, such as the ancient caves or the butterfly cave. Keep a look out for the portal designed by Bryn Oh which serves as a random teleporter to various beautiful fantasy sims around the grid. Surprise and randomness, in general, is an essential feature of Wonderland 2.0 and it is what makes this place so special. A large part of the thrill comes from the fact that you have no idea which part of the build, or which area, the portal you have chosen is going to lead you to.

Take our word for it – you will enjoy Wonderland 2.0 just as much as we did and find yourself drawn to it for weeks on end, exploring and finding new things within the build. This is one of those rare gems of Second Life that need to be preserved and taken care of, because such builds are not created everyday.


  1. Wonderland 2.0 – Realm of Wonder

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