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Sinners & Saints : An Incredible Art Show

A brand new display of art and creativity at the Sinful Retreat and Angel’s Rest regions features works from over 50 different artists, sculptors and poets in two contrasting themes.

Chuck Clip was inspired to host a themed art show when he curated the UWA Gratitude Art Show back in November alongside Mariposa Upshaw. Sinners & Saints is the first show at Sinful Retreat and Angel’s Rest, which serves the dual purpose of carrying forward the torch of the art show last year and celebrating the culmination of the first year in Second Life for both regions.

Light and dark, good and bad, happy and sad, male and female – our world is rich with phenomena that abundantly showcases the duality of our universe. These exist as pairs that maintain the harmonious balance that is necessary. Duality may appear obvious and simplistic to people, yet, at the most fundamental level it exists in almost everything. Even the modern process of computing relies on the duality of 0 and 1.

The Saints side – Sinners & Saints Art Show

Sinful Retreat and Angels Rest are mirrors for each other, highlighting the dichotomy of light and dark in art and humanity as a whole. With each participating artist showcasing both the light and the darkness through their work, this show truly represents the width and breadth of the arts in Second Life.

Chuck and Jewell, the owners of Sinful Retreat and Angel’s Rest have always been equally supportive of all forms of art in Second Life including photography, painting, digital art, 3D art, poetry and even live music. Thus, the incredible display at Sinners & Saints consists of not just 2D and 3D art but also pieces of poetry and literature!

The Sinners side – Sinners & Saints Art Show

Sinners & Saints is set on a platform covering the adjacent regions of Sinful Retreat and Angel’s Rest. It is interesting to move from one region to the other and be faced with artwork of a completely different style by the same artists. From massive sculptures to beautiful poetry, this art show is truly representative of the diversity and variety of art in Second Life.

With over 50 different artists, sculptures and poets participating in this spectacular display of creativity, art lovers are sure to enjoy themselves here. The sheer magnificence and grandeur of the show is something I really admire. A number of live music performances and shows are scheduled to be held here over the next few weeks and it looks like this is going to be a really happening place in the future.

Click HERE to visit the Sinners side of the Art Show

Click HERE to visit the Saints side of the Art Show

Both are linked to each other, so you can start exploring from either side and immerse yourself in the beauty of art.

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