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Somewhere - A New Build by Cica Ghost

Explore Cica's photogenic installation with a somewhat harsh but beautiful landscape, that will take you on an unforgettable journey and inspire you to take many photographs.

With the onset of July comes a new build in Second Life by artist Cica Ghost, whose installations are something we always look forward to. Titled "Somewhere", this build, much like her previous ones, covers an entire Homestead Region.

Regular visitors to Cica's builds will know that her builds are often characterized by vivid colors, playful animations and quirky characters who will put a smile on your face. In many ways, "Somewhere" is a different build as compared to Cica's usual builds because in this case, the characters she introduces to us, with the exception of the storks and a lone deer, are not living creatures but rather somewhat-dried trees and flowers which inhabit this place.

Cica's build can be seen through different lenses, one of them being as a depiction of a future in which the trees are completely devoid of leaves and the flowers are dying and decayed, possibly because of global warming and rising temperatures. The surface of the earth has become parched due to which, growing crops has become almost impossible.

But in this scene of destruction is an unmistakable beauty, which you will definitely come to see and admire as you explore this destinations.

The dried trunks and branches of the trees cast shadows on the ground and stand tall beautifully against the skyline, setting the scene for some amazing photographs. Although this build does not have the playful vibe, this is one of the most photogenic builds Cica has created in recent times and makes it really easy for even beginners to take photographs.

As she says at the landing point, the wind light Cica uses in her installation is a part of the build itself. Hence, it is recommended that you use SHARED ENVIRONMENT during your visit here.

Another noticeable difference in this build as compared to her regular builds is the fact that you can buy the trees and the flowers directly from the build itself, rather than by visiting a small shop, which she usually incorporates within the region.

"Somewhere" by Cica Ghost allows you to explore a unique, somewhat minimalist landscape in Second Life, which will definitely inspire the photographer in you to click some amazing snaps.



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