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Spend an exciting day at Surf & Schitt Beach

Keep yourself occupied with a plethora of activities at this fun-filled beach where you can enjoy a good day out with your partner, with friends or just by yourself.

Surfing is a lifestyle. It is special to many people who live near the sea in a way no other sport is. And it is something people who live away from the sea often miss out on. “Surf’s Up” – just these two words alone can get adrenaline pumping through the veins of a hardcore surfer. For those of you who can’t surf in the physical world or haven’t had the opportunity to try it out, don’t worry – there is of course the opportunity to try it out in the virtual world.

Among the numerous activities one can enjoy at beaches in SL, surfing is one of the most popular and perhaps also among the most enjoyable ones. Surf & Schitt Beach is a great place where you can experience the joy of surfing in the virtual world.

Surf & Schitt Beach is situated on a homestead which consists of numerous small islands connected to each other with the help of suspension bridges. Owned by Soda and Lene Schitt, this group of islands is a piece of tropical paradise that will provide visitors with a sense of seclusion and calm.

Lucky 7 Custom Shop – Surf & Schitt Beach

Besides surfing, you can partake in many other activities such as horse riding and speedboating or simply hop on one of the many tube floats and lazily navigate your way through the island. You also have the opportunity to purchase custom surf boards here at a surf shop called Lucky 7.

The only piece of private property in the region is located to the north of the archipelago and is the private residence of the owners. It is clearly marked with a signboard. Apart from this, all other islands are yours to explore. Feel free to stroll around anywhere, grab a lounger and relax while chugging a beer, or just jump into the pool and enjoy with your friends.

Burger Shack – Surf & Schitt Beach

Couples can find an abundance of spots to cuddle with their partners or even take a bath together. This is the place where you can enjoy some undisturbed moments with your partner while listening to good music; or if you are in the mood for dancing, there is a dance floor near the landing point itself.

The water here is perfect for swimming as well as surfing. You can rez a free surfboard near the Surf’s Up Bar and also get a free swim HUD. The Game Zone, which is located in another part of the region, will keep you and your friends entertained with a wide variety of games to play.

Surf & Schitt Beach is a great spot for a picnic with your friends, a date with your partner or even to meet other explorers and make new friends.

Click HERE to visit Surf & Schitt Beach inworld. Do share your photos in their FLICKR group.



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