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The Stunning Landscapes of Vanessa Jane

Visit this exhibition at the Kultivate Signature Gallery and experience the beauty of the virtual world through the eyes of artist Vanessa Jane.

Vanessa Jane started her journey in SL art and photography not too long ago. Her first exhibition in SL was around an year back at the Kultivate Spring Art Show 2020. Since then she has been exhibiting regularly at several art shows and galleries across the grid. The beauty of Vanessa’s art lies in the fact that she manages to transport the viewer to the beautiful locations she depicts in her work.

Good image composition and effective lighting are often said to be the two essential pillars of landscape photography, whether in SL or RL. Vanessa, who has an Art degree in RL, knows this all too well. I am especially impressed with the way she uses light in her images to bring out various moods.

Her latest exhibition at the Kultivate Signature Gallery is an effective demonstration of the ease with which she handles her landscapes. Vanessa doesn’t enhance her landscapes much using external software but tends to prefer a more natural look with minimal use of editing. It gives these beautiful works a simplicity about them which feels very warm and welcoming to a viewer.

The exhibition is spread over three levels which are connected to each other with the help of a working elevator. This elevator is a characteristic feature of the Kultivate Signature Gallery and makes the viewing experience in this gallery even more realistic. 20 incredible landscapes by Vanessa Jane find their place in this impressive display at Kultivate.

Vanessa’s art is not only aesthetically pleasing but it also manages to connect with the viewer on a deep level. Each work of art evokes a different mood, a different emotion and gives you the feeling of actually being transported into the art and experiencing the landscape for yourself.

The landscapes of Vanessa Jane showcase the beauty of some of the most incredible places in this virtual world, while also being extremely realistic and welcoming. Visit the Kultivate Select Gallery and witness the Art of Vanessa Jane for yourself.

Click HERE to visit this exhibition inworld.

See more of Vanessa’s incredible works on her FLICKR page.

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