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Suaka : The Land of Elephants

Explore the Indo-Asian themed region of Suaka which allows us to experience a feeling of peace and tranquility as we enjoy the natural beauty of the tropics.

The rays of the sun hit the water and the golden sands of the beach at an angle. Nearby, the jungle is teeming with life, getting ready for the long night to come. In a lagoon with crystal clear waters, a few canoes float around, filled with vibrant flowers. A herd of elephants silently grazes within the undergrowth, a few of them sneaking close to the water to get a drink. The landscape reminds you of the forests of India and South East Asia, the architecture highlighting the fact even more. Welcome to Suaka!

A creation of master landscaper/sim designer Terry Fotherington, Suaka is an Indo-Asian themed retreat perfect for relaxation, photography and therapy for the soul. The center of the region is dominated by a wooden structure typical of the bamboo architecture found in South East Asia. Within this beautiful building lies the arrival point, where each of us enters Suaka.

While most of the region consists of a single island, some smaller islands can be found on the periphery. These can be accessed via rope bridges which connect them to the main island. There is no single route that can be followed while exploring this region. You need to find your own way here. Surprises are hidden around every corner and the excitement never dies down.

While creating the region, Terry has truly paid attention to every detail. Frequent nods to the Indo-Asian region, upon which the landscape is based, can be found throughout the region. At some places these come in the form of kayaks filled with beautiful flowers and fruits (perhaps a reference to the floating markets found in India, Thailand and Vietnam), while at others it is the architecture and the design itself which gives the landscape an Asian touch.

Suaka is a paradise for photographers. It offers a wide variety of landscapes, ranging from sunlit beaches to a tropical forests, making this region extremely attractive for photographers. A cherry on top of the cake is that rezzing is free here once you join the Valium SL group. The group joiner can be found close to the landing point.

The forests of Suaka are buzzing with wildlife of all sorts, from the tiny dragonflies to the majestic but gentle giants – the elephants. In the title, I call it “The Land of Elephants” because a major part of the main island is dominated by their presence. At Suaka, you just can not miss the grandeur these royal animals provide to the region. The elephants are highly revered in India in the form of the Elephant God – Lord Ganesh. A beautiful sculpture of this majestic deity can be found deep within the forest here.

Apart from photography, Suaka can also serve as a nature retreat in the virtual world. At a number of places along the coast, you can relax on one of the loungers while listening to music or even simply the sounds of the regions. While doing so, don’t forget to grab one of the drinks nearby. Simply sitting here, watching the waves break against the golden sands is a heavenly experience.

A diner on one of the smaller islands serves as a beautiful picnic spot if you are here with your partner or with friends. A date here can be extremely romantic and the isolated location can make everything else fade away into the background as you get engrossed in each other. All areas in this region are open to the public except for two small residential parcels. It is very unlikely you will venture into either of them but in case you do, they will only give you a gentle nudge off the parcel after 5 seconds.

Towards the southern end of the region is an unfinished bridge which will eventually lead to another region next door, which is still under construction. This is a clear indication that there is more to Suaka coming soon and we are already excited about it. The journey through this beautiful region, which echoes the atmosphere of the Indo-Asian forests, is adventurous, exciting and full of peace and tranquility.

Make the trip to Suaka this week to capture some of its beauty within your lens, or just to relax on its sunlit beaches. While you are here, also make sure to enjoy the serene waters and the natural beauty this place exudes as it refreshes your mind.


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