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Enjoying a Summer Day by Cica Ghost

Summer time brings to us a new build by Cica Ghost – one which represents the true spirit of summer as Cica sees it. Enjoy it to the fullest!

We are well into the summer season now in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere and along with this, residents in Second Life have started redesigning their respective regions according to the season. For most of us, summer symbolizes warmth and protection from the icy cold of winter. It provides us with the heat necessary to tackle the bitter cold that may come ahead.

Summer Day by Cica Ghost

Cica Ghost has come up with a new build once again which truly represents summer for those who live inland like me and have no access to a beach as such. For us, summer activities are characterized by long hikes in the woods and biking trips in the countryside. Staying true to her characteristic style of using hand-painted textures, Cica Ghost reimagines the spirit of summer in her own way by creating a beautiful, scenic region that is perfect for photography and explorations.

At the center of Cica’s build is a beautiful lake that is surrounded by the beauty of nature on all sides. A swan swims delightfully in the lake while a boy in a small boat waits patiently for a fish to take the bait on the line he has cast in the water. Usually, Cica uses several characters to bring her builds to life, but this time around she has only used horses for the most part in various poses, engaged in a number of activities.

Summer Day by Cica Ghost

Cica’s horses are all white in color, representing the brightness and purity of a summer’s day, and it is a pleasure to walk through the build, seeing them around in various poses. The flowers, grass and trees used are all characteristic of Cica’s builds and made using hand-drawn textures.

There is no clear-cut path to walk along here but you will find openings on the grass which act as a path to walk along. One of the beautiful locations in this build is a cottage up a small hillock that can be accessed by climbing a short flight of stone steps. Here, a girl can be found sitting on a bench outside the cottage with a duck in her arms. This is a beautiful, heartwarming sight that truly represents the spirit of warmth, friendship and companionship that summer brings along with it.

Summer Day by Cica Ghost

Photographers will find a wide range of opportunities to click some delightful snaps while there are some funny, quirky animations found on the benches and boats in this installation to have fun with friends. This is a build everyone can enjoy and find joy in visiting.

On one of the trees, do look out for a FREE GIFT by Cica Ghost – something she offers in all her builds. Summer Day by Cica Ghost is a very different take on summer than others you may have seen. There are no beaches, no butterflies and no ice cream stands; just warmth, playfulness and love. It is a version I find a connection with and I am sure you will too.


  1. Summer Day by Cica Ghost – Luna Sea

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