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Summer Trace : The Little Pleasures of the Season

The feeling of summer is present throughout this region of breathtaking beauty where you can lie in the flowering meadows, bask on the sunlit beaches or simply walk along the beautiful pathways.

No matter the season, the Trace Too is a region that I always like exploring. The summer brings along its own charms in the form of sandy beaches, flowery meadows and an abundance of bird life. Summer Trace blends it all together beautifully, offering you a chance to experience the pleasures of summer in this virtual world.

Divided into two parts by a river flowing through the middle, the Trace is essentially a residential region offering five beautiful cottages which you can definitely rent any time they become available. However, it is also so much more. Even as a non-tenant, there are a plethora of opportunities available for photography and exploration.

Our journey at Summer Trace begins on a stone bridge which is designed in the typical French classical style. This bridge forms the only land connection between the North Island and the South Island at Trace. You can choose to explore this place on foot or use the bike rezzer near the landing point to rez a bike of a suitable size and continue on your journey.

The South Island, which happens to be the smaller of the two, is largely covered in what appears to be Bird’s-foot Trefoil, a purple flowering plant. The purple colored flowers flourish on this island and cover it almost entirely, forming a stunning sight. From the end of the bridge, a path winds through this heavenly meadow to reach a small clearing; this also happens to be the entrance of a cliff-hugging cottage which offers its tenants with breathtaking views all around.

The North Island happens to be significantly larger and the path here splits into two a short distance away from the bridge. Taking the branch going eastwards will take you through the f lush greenery, culminating in a flight of wooden stairs which leads down to a beautiful sandy beach.

If you had chosen to go westwards, you would have eventually ended up at another beautiful beach with waves hitting the sandy shores. The sound of the crashing waves along with the squawking of seagulls is soothing, peaceful and and manages to transport us into the scene, bringing back fond memories of the sea.

However, the journey is always more important than the destination and it is the little things along the way that make Summer Trace even more special. Take, for example, the water sprinklers at various places, providing water to the plants; or the old wooden boat that now provides a beautiful spot for couples to enjoy some solitude. These tiny details increase the beauty of Summer Trace manifold.

The cottages at Summer Trace are all spaced apart from each other, thus providing its occupants ample privacy and space. But even as a non-tenant here, one can enjoy and experience all the little pleasures of summer here. Photographers have a wide variety of spots to choose from while couples will really have a wonderful time exploring this region.

Visit this incredible region to enjoy its diverse landscape and experience a beautiful, immersive environment that will draw you closer to nature.


  1. Summer Trace – The Trace Too

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