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Suzanne Graves' 3D Sculptures and the Surrealist Paintings of Al

An immersive exhibition space at Selen's Gallery hosts fresh, new sculptures by 3D artist Suzanne Graves along with Al's surreal paintings created in the physical world.

While Selen's Gallery, owned by artist Selen Love (selen.minotaur), was initially restricted to showcasing only her own work, it was recently expanded to include a new section on the ground dedicated to displaying the work of other artists.

3D artist Suzanne Graves is the first exhibitor in this new space along with Al (Selen's RL dad), who displays his art from the physical world here. While the medium of work happens to be completely different, there is one thing that seems to be an underlying thread in this section of Selen's Gallery - surrealism.

Reminiscent of SenKonscia, the space Selen had created last year dedicated to surrealist sculptures created by many different artists in Second Life, the new section of Selen's Gallery is a space situated on a corner parcel, completely covered by gently flowing water with no hint of land whatsoever, adding to the surreal atmosphere.

The darkness of the EEP used enhances the effect of the lights and colors Selen has used to bring this place to life. Al's paintings are located inside a circular, domed pavilion whereas Suzanne's sculptures take up the exteriors, their dynamic nature bringing the entire exhibit space to life.

In Suzanne's sculptures, colors change and shapes transform to produce some great effects. Having been created from sculpted prims with no use of mesh whatsoever, one can't help but marvel at the creativity of this fascinating artist.

The heavy usage of projectors and lighting in the exhibit space makes it even more important that visitors use Shared Environment and have the Advanced Lighting Model enabled during their visit for the best experience.

Suzanne Graves and Al are the first artists to exhibit their work at Selen's Gallery and going forward, we are excited to see many more artists showing their work in this immersive space created by Selen.



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