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A Symphony in Red with Melusina Parkin

Get engrossed in the beauty of the red color on your visit to Melusina Parkin’s latest exhibition at her own photo gallery.

Melusina Parkin has a unique way of working with colors and tones that I really admire. She is able to take a simple concept and construct a set of images around this theme in a way not many artists are able to. We have seen numerous examples of this on our blog like “Soft Solitudes“, “Wandering and WatchingandKinds of Minimal. Each of these exhibits revolved around a specific theme and was almost like a photographic project that she had undertaken.

In her latest exhibition, this time at her small but endearing photo gallery in Time Portal, the color red becomes the focus of her images. Red is not an easy color to work with, especially for someone like Melusina who tends to prefer pastel shades in her images. Red is a bright color and is quickly able to capture a viewer’s gaze, diminishing the importance of all other things around it. It is the color of fire, danger, passion and excitement. Use too much of it in the wrong way and your image tends to become imbalanced and skewed.

Symphony in Red – Melusina Parkin

But one look around Melu’s photo gallery will tell you this is not at all the case with her work. The use of this color in her images is such that it blends in with the rest of the image, without looking out of place or too bright in any of them. The subjects are all commonplace objects one sees around in any urban environment. Be it on the shiny exterior of a car, a Coca Cola dispenser machine or that of bricks under a warm sunlight, the red in Melu’s images is warm and makes the gallery space feel cozier and more homely.

Symphony in Red” is a photographic project that showcases the beauty and warmth of red in all its glory. Melu does not merely take an image but always seeks to create a set of images based on a central theme – something she learnt from the words of master photographer Luigi Ghirri. This is what makes her one of the best photographic artists in SL.

Symphony in Red – Melusina Parkin

Apart from the beautiful photographs, one can also purchase a Melubook of the entire exhibit. A Melubook is a collection of all the images in this exhibit which are available in the form of a book. You can attached it to scroll through all the beautiful photographs featured in this exhibit or simply place it on your coffee table for visitors and guests to peruse through.

While you are here, don’t forget to pay a visit downstairs to have a look at Melu’s exquisite art deco furniture. She is a woman of many talents and I am sure you will find something really interesting here as well.

Click HERE to visit “Symphony in Red” by Melusina Parkin at the Melusina Photo Gallery.



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