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Take a journey through the Colours of India!

A luxurious palace, a temple with exquisite stone carvings and a town square bustling with activity - explore the many shades of India in this spectacular build.

The beautiful nation of India is a wide mix of cultures, traditions, religions, languages and ethnicities which live together in harmony with each other. It has always seemed to me that in Second Life, not many regions attempt to showcase the beauty and heritage of this incredible nation, which is itself a blend of many cultures.

Being the most diverse nation in the world with language and culture changing every few hundred miles, it is next to impossible to depict the entire country of India in a single build. This is perhaps the reason why Vicki Absinthe decided to base her build - Colours of India - on the single state of Rajasthan, a province located in the northern part of the country which is famous for its magnificent forts, palaces and temples.

Spanning a little more than a quarter sim, this beautifully designed build gives visitors the opportunity to savor a glimpse of India in the virtual world. As we walk through the scenic build, a genie narrates interesting tidbits of information for us in the local chat.

We begin our journey at the end of a narrow alley, from where a set of steps lead up to the town square, also known as the mohalla in India. It is necessary that you adhere to the instructions on the wall, which as you to use shared environment, enable advanced lighting and turn up your sounds - all of which are good practices in general as well!

The town square is always bustling in India with hawkers, vegetable vendors, tea sellers, rickshaws and large crowds going about their daily routine. Vicki has managed to capture the sort of ordered chaos that is always present beautifully in the build of this town squares.

At one end of this square is a beautiful, intricately detailed temple of Lord Shiva, outside which one can find a cart selling flowers. Towards the northern end of the square, a small market with vendors selling fresh, local produce.

The houses nearby are also typical Rajasthani homes, with one of them completely blue in color - a nod to Jodhpur, famously known as the Blue City. The interiors of these homes are also beautifully done and reflect the Indian culture in a way rarely seen in Second Life.

An archway at the western end of this town square leads into the beautifully gardened grounds of a grand palace. Stepping into this palace is like stepping into a different world altogether with lavish carpeting and stunning pools, fountains and architecture. This highlights the stark divide in wealth which exists in India even today.

A journey through Colours of India is filled with numerous opportunities for photography and the amount of information you gain about its rich heritage and culture is just staggering. In the town square, one can even ride a rickshaw (which is notoriously difficult to control!), the Indian version of a tuk tuk.

Whether you are visiting for photography or for exploring with your friends/partner, Colours of India is a region that will make your journey worthwhile.



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