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Talefeathers : The Incredible Art of Poppy Morris

Poppy Morris weaves an engaging narrative through her exquisite paintings created primarily using bright, vibrant colors. Check out her art at Janus Gallery II!

Sinful Retreat, owned and managed by Chuck Clip (chuckmatrix.clip) and Jewell (fallenaurora.jewell), has seen many talented artists over the past few months and we have featured a number of them on our blog as well. Although I had decided to take a break for another week or so from writing, a visit to the latest exhibition at Janus Gallery II by artist Poppy Morris prompted me to get back in front of my computer and start typing once again.

Featuring art from the physical world, “Talefeathers” by Poppy Morris is an extraordinary exhibition that will draw you in from the get-go and prompt you to think about the meaning embedded within each piece of art and derive your own interpretations from it. A major portion of the art has been created using acrylic on canvas; however a few pieces also make use of dyes while a couple of pieces utilize linen instead of canvas as the base for painting.

Talefeathers” by Poppy Morris – Janus Gallery II

The first thing one notices in this exhibition is the use of bright, vibrant colors made by Poppy while painting and the wide variety of birds, animals and nature in general which serve as the subjects. However, a much deeper meaning lies embedded in most of Poppy’s artworks, which can be deciphered by taking a peek at the title for each work of art.

Poppy’s deep connection with nature is clearly visible through her works of art. However, it is her unique depiction of it by making use of nature and its wonderful creations to make a social commentary on very human issues that really makes this exhibition an interesting visit. In her work, Poppy blends largely figurative art with paint splatter, a technique from abstract art that celebrates spontaneity and improvisation, thus developing a style of her own.

The exhibition at Janus Gallery II is spread out over two floors of the gallery building. For the most part, the ground level of the gallery has been occupied by art that uses bird-like figures with really interesting faces as the characters through whom Poppy drives the narrative in her art. Dealing with the social consequences of loans and the hardships faced by the common populace while attempting to pay off the burden of debt, this is a series that needs to be viewed together to create a sense of the larger picture.

Talefeathers” by Poppy Morris – Janus Gallery II

The upper level contains a further twelve works which continue the theme of using animals, birds and nature to create a strong narrative about human issues. In some cases, the meaning is quite apparent (Encroachment and What will become of all this?) while in others it is more nuanced and subtle. At first glance, View into the Interior appears to be a simple painting of the interiors of a dense canopied forest; but is it perhaps also a look into the interior of the human mind? Are there parallels to be drawn here?

These are questions for you (the visitor) to answer as you make your way through Janus Gallery II delighting in the art of Poppy Morris. Make no mistake, this is an exhibition that will provoke you to think and one which is definitely not to be missed!


  1. Janus Gallery II – Sinful Retreat

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