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Terrygold Art Gallery - Freedom of a Flower

Terry Gold's latest installation will lead you through several rooms, each transitioning smoothly to another, while delivering a strong message regarding creating our own rules in this world.

Artist Terry Gold is known for creating some of the most immersive, outstanding exhibitions in Second Life, a journey through which is an unforgettable experience. "Freedom of a Flower" is her latest exhibition housed at the Terrygold Art Gallery and it is one of the most fascinating installations you will come across.

Known for creating a dark brooding atmosphere with projectors lighting up her sets, Terry starts "Freedom of a Flower" off in a similar way - in darkness. But then, about halfway through the exhibition, transforms the lighting and atmosphere completely in a really clever manner.

To get the best experience from your visit, please ensure that you have the following settings right:

  • Use Shared Environment (World > Environment > Use Shared Environment)

  • Enable Advanced Lighting Model (Preferences > Graphics > General > Enable Advanced Lighting Model)

  • Enable Shadows (Preferences > Graphics > General > Enable Shadows : Sun/Moon + Projectors)

  • Set the Draw Distance to 100 m

  • Remove any Bodylight or Facelight

As is Terry's usual practice, a lot of the narrative within this exhibition is taken forward both through her images and through the text she writes on the walls of the exhibit. While Terry starts of by taking the example of her loving to roll around on clover meadows, the larger theme within the exhibition is about societal rules.

The people in power create the rules and others are expected to follow them or become a social outcast. Terry, through this outstanding exhibition, puts out a strong message - "Create your own rules. You have the intelligence."

Societal norms, divine rules, the absurdity of confessionals - Terry Gold explores each of these through this deep, thought-provoking exhibition, that is also a visual spectacle. Visitors will have an amazing time taking pictures as they enjoy this beautifully designed exhibit.

Here are some visuals from this incredible exhibition, that will make you want to visit it right now!

Make sure you visit the Terrygold Art Gallery as soon as possible and enjoy the entire experience, which this incredible artist has created for us.



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Location: Artsville

Saturday, February 5th

12 pm - 2 pm SLT

Music bu hEIN!

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