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The Alluring Charm of Longing Melody

The latest build by sim designer Bambi takes us on a journey from the warmth of the autumn to the harsh cold of winter. This is an amazing destination for both explorers and photographers!

Landscaping and designing a sim or a parcel is nothing short of an art in Second Life and this proved time and again by many prominent sim designers, who create builds which inspire a wide range of emotions in the minds of visitors. One such landscape artist who absolutely leaves everyone stunned any time she comes up with a new build is Bambi (norahbrent).

Bambi’s previous builds, Missing Melody and Runaway Moon (read our article HERE) were revolutionary and unique in their own way. The latter gave the word fantasy a completely new meaning by creating some truly magical scenes. Longing Melody, which can perhaps be seen as a sequel to Missing Melody, equals it in the romantic, rustic charm it offers.

We land on a beautiful railway platform at Longing Melody, visitors in a new town. Some luggage can be seen being removed from the coaches. The train station itself, in line with most of the build, has a unique Victorian look with the charm and elegance of a small European town. There is a heavy influence of London in the build with maps of the London Underground Transport System adorning the station walls.

Passing through the ticket barriers, we step out onto a street that is alive with the joy and spirit of Christmas. Rows of townhouses line the street on both sides. Each door is decorated with a different kind of holiday wreath. The entire build is set along a stretch of this street which runs in an L-shape, finally concluding at the riverfront, where a carousel can be found. A number of benches line this riverfront, where couples can rest to spend some beautiful moments with each other.

The whole street, in particular the part leading up to the carousel, is dressed up with Christmas decorations. The shops lining the street have their windows decorated beautifully to attract customers. Above the street, rows of lights can be seen going across, providing a beautiful glow of light along the entire street. Outside almost every door, Christmas trees of all kinds can be seen.

As you near the end of the street, the carousel is what dominates the view in your frame. It is flanked by stalls on either side selling Christmas decorations, snacks, pancakes, hot chocolate, mulled wine and many other things. On the eastern side of the street, a cutout allows visitors to pose for a couple photograph, while the other side is occupied by a couple of outdoor picnic tables where one can enjoy some delicious food.

Each shop, restaurant and house found in this street at Longing Melody is unique and Bambi has designed each of them in a different way. One of the most interesting scenes to be found at Longing Melody is perhaps a cutout that pays tribute to the iconic cover image of the album Abbey Road, which features the four band members crossing the street along a pedestrian crossing. It is to be noted that the tube station nearby is also named Abbey Road, thus completing the circle.

While at first glance it appears that Longing Melody is a straightforward build of a street, there are a number of hidden spots to discover here. You will find a cake shop, a playground for kids, a tailored garden and even a beautiful picnic spot in the woods. Most of these locations can be explored by passing through an arch found at the junction of the L-shaped street. This will lead you on a journey into a completely different world where you can marvel at the splendor of the countryside.

Most of the build in this part of the region is set along the theme of autumn, with falling leaves being prevalent at most spots. A short walk beyond the campsite brings you to a small stream, which can be crossed by a bridge. A number of cows can be found grazing in a pasture here, while a rural farmhouse sits on the other side of the dirt path.

After this, the path goes up a hill towards a gate, which opens onto stone steps set within a snowy landscape. Lanterns light our path up this hill. A house sits atop this hill, covered in thick snow. In this snow-covered landscape, one can spot some polar bears and winter foxes in the undergrowth. The path finally ends at a house completely snowed in, with thick snow piling on its roof.

In a way, this Longing Melody leads us on a journey from the bliss of autumn to the cold and harshness of the winter, one which most people around the world undertake every year. This is a region with abundant opportunities for photographers to try out their skills and come up with some beautiful images.

Longing Melody is another build in which Bambi has outdone herself and created a paradise for photographers, explorers and anyone who loves to spend their time in scenic surroundings.


  1. Longing Melody – Celestine



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