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The <b>3rd RL Photo Festival</b> at the <em>Helvellyn Gallery</em>

Nils Urqhart is hosting the 3rd RL Photo Festival (formerly Annual International RL Photography festival) at the Helvellyn Gallery from March 31st to April 25th.

Here is a chance for all RL Photographers to have their works exhibited and appreciated by a global audience within the Second Life® virtual world. The 3rd RL Photography Festival, which will be held at the Helvellyn Gallery from March 31st to April 25th, is a celebration of real-life artistic photography from all over the world.

The festival is inviting and accepting submissions from real-life photographers who would love to exhibit their work within the virtual space.

Criteria for Submission

  1. Only original real-life photos will be accepted. SL photos or screen shots from other games will not be accepted for exhibition. Please do not submit 3D art or renderings.

  2. There is no imposed theme for the submission. Colored and BW photographs are both welcome.

  3. ALL content must be family friendly. Submissions can depict the human form in all of its forms, but any content with nudity must be presented tastefully. No sexually explicit imagery will be tolerated (and will be returned). ANY LEWD depictions of underage subjects will be REJECTED and REPORTED (even if they are not nude).

  4. You are welcome to offer your photos for sale, and you may advertise your SL and RL presence within your exhibition. There is no fee or commission for any sales.

Submission Details

  1. Deadline for submission is 23:59:59 SLT on March 20, 2021. No exceptions will be made.

  2. Your registration request will include 4 photos (your choice among those you wish to exhibit) in the form of textures, sized at least 512 x 512. Please submit each photo as an individual texture (do not send a box. NC containing several submissions are allowed) Do not forget to attach a short biography.

  3. Each texture must contain the photographer’s avatar name in the Name field, and the photograph’s title in the Description field.

  4. Set each submission texture to No-Modify/Yes-Copy/No-Transfer for review.

Please submit all photos to Nils Urqhart inworld from February 25th to March 20th.


  1. Locations in the gallery will be allocated in the order of arrival of submissions. No exceptions. Take a look at the number in the NC you’ll receive after your submission (can take 3 or 4 days)

  2. 20 prims are authorized for each exhibitor (photos + frames + other objects) without exception. 4 of these photos should be the ones sent for validation when you register.

  3. Please do not use scripts.

  4. Photographers will be responsible for the layout of their own installation. The organizer (Nils Urqhart) will not put your photos on the walls. Use the red carpet to rezz your objects.

The photographer, by participating in the 3rd RL Photo Festival, fully accepts all rules above.

Contact Nils Urqhart inworld for further details.

Click HERE to visit the Helvellyn Gallery (after March 15th)

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